Glastonbury 1970

Way back then in 1970, I was listening to music at the first Glastonbury festival. Some of the artists were Marc Bolan, Ian Anderson, Keith Christmas, Quintessence, Amazing Blondel and Sam Apple Pie. I was a big fan of Quintessence … Continued

House of the Rising Sun

On this day, back in 1964, the Animals were at number one with “House of the Rising Sun.” Great song and great band!

Whole Lotta Love

I see that Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin has been voted best guitar riff of all time. I cannot argue with that choice. I was lucky enough to see them perform before this song was released on record. Superb show.

My Sharona

Back in 1979 on this day, the Knack were number one with this song. We represent this song obo Music Sales. A couple of years after 1979, the Knack opened up for Joe Jackson at a show in Holland. They used a stage flooring of black and white squares. None of us knew why as the Knack were the only people who could see the stage covering. Stage Oddities..

Wiggly Tunes

Basement are now representing Wiggly Tunes in Brazil. Wiggly are an Australian – based publisher that specialises in children’s music. Thanks to Leanne and Barry.

Television in Europe

The little tour was a great success. The Shepherds Bush Empire show in London was followed by a concert at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, guest at Stockholm Music and Arts Festival along with Chrissie Hynde and Goldfrapp, and closed with an open air show near Pordenone in Italy. All were great, and the promoters and crews were all excellent. Thank you to all.

Jamie Hartman

Reservoir and Reverb have extended their agreement with Jamie. Jamie is one of my favourite song writers so I am very happy that we will continue to represent him in Brazil.

Television in London

Last night saw the start of another mini-tour of Europe with a great show at Shepherds Bush Empire in London. What a great venue and crew!

Itsy Bitsy

In 1960 around this date, Brian Hyland released Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Great song. We represent this song on behalf of Music Sales.


We have signed an agreement with Wonderlous, am independent publisher based in New York. Thanks Phil.

Rough Trade record stores

Rough Trade will be opening a fourth store soon. This one in Nottingham, UK. These stores are like a step back in time with retail assistants who know what they are talking about, and a great feel in the stores. Good news!!