Nelson Mandela

On this day back in 1990, Nelson Mandela walked out of the prison gates. A free man again. After 27 years in jail. A hard jail. Writing or receiving one letter every six months. Imagine that! He was released and … Continued


Reservoir / Reverb have signed A-Ha. Nice one Annette and Rell! Great band with great songs.

DogHouse Roses tour dates

They play 4 shows in April.

April 6th: Dundee Acoustic Club, The Newport, 1 High street, Dundee
April 7th: Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
April 8th: The Hug and Pint, Glasgow
April 9th, The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen

Another Great is gone – Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger died. He was another of my heroes. He was deeply committed to the cause of right against wrong. He was a musician and story teller sublime. He held fast to his roots and rights despite many attempts by the governments and right wing in the USA to dissuade him, and usually by foul means. He was a true gentleman. I had a few wonderful conversations with him, including a couple when I was with Bernice Johnson Reagon. The two of them were old friends from the Civil Rights days, and Bernice named her daughter Toshi after Pete’s wife, Toshi. They had helped Bernice when the FBI were hunting and haunting her.

Thanks for all of your songs, and music, and commitment. We need heroes like yourself.

Just Isn’t Music

I am very happy that we have renewed our agreement with them. Thanks Martin and Rob.

David Bowie

What sad news to wake up to this morning. David Bowie has died. I listened to his brilliant new album  this weekend, and also watched the videos.

What a superb work of music and art that he has shared with us. There again, he always has.. Thank you for all of the music.

I have many friends who have worked with him and who will be feeling a great sadness at this time.

I will be playing much of his music over the next week to honour his memory, and that of my friends.

Have a good time with Lemmy.

Sachal Vasandani

I am very happy that we have signed Sachal Vasandani, who will be playing at the Porto Alegre Festival on 9 October. Thanks to Jeff.



We have renewed our agreement with Freibank from Germany. Thanks to Fredrik and Mark.