Tim Berne

Tim Berne and SnakeOil play 2 shows in Brazil including Sao Paulo this evening.

Andy Fraser

Andy Fraser, former bass-player with Free, and co-writer of one of my all-time favourite songs, All Right Now, has died. RIP.


I am very pleased that Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have been found guilty of stealing from Marvin Gaye. Copying a song and then claiming to have written it is pretty shabby to say the least.


We used to talk about how great a new record was, and how it compared to the last record, or how we had heard a great song, or how good a band was the night before, or about a great … Continued

Brazil – little note

Brazil. Where I happily live. Sadly the corruption is rampant at the top, and seems to begin at the top. The presidents of the Senate and the House are being investigated for corruption in the Petrobras scandal. The president of … Continued

Deep Purple

Eagle-I have signed the Deep Purple catalogue, including albums by Jon Lord and Rainbow. Nice one!!

DogHouse Roses

Iona and Paul of DogHouse Roses are on tour in Germany. Great little duo.

Tim Berne and SnakeOil

Tim Berne is on tour in Europe with his band, SnakeOil, which also features Ches Smith on drums.

Black Sabbath

Back in 1970, on Friday the 13th, Black Sabbath released their debut self-titled album. The album has been recognized as the first important album of the heavy metal genre. We publish this album obo Bucks.

Reprise Records

Back in 1961, a man of vision, Frank Sinatra, began his own record label, Reprise Records. He wanted to retain more artistic freedom for his own recordings. A major principle of his label was that each artist would have full … Continued

20 Feet From Stardom

I am so happy that my dear friend Gil Friesen won a Grammy yesterday for the Best Music Film. I wish that he had been able to collect it, and share in the moment. Great film. Great man.

Alive Inside

Tonight we watched a brilliant film/documentary “Alive Inside”. It is a film that everyone should watch in my opinion, and especially everyone in the music business and above a certain age. Apple made an obscene profit this last quarter. If … Continued