JJ Cale died. A sad loss to the singer / songwriter / guitarist world.
28 July

Red Brick Songs signed to Basement. This is a very tasty Canadian publishing company. Thanks Jennifer.
20 July

We signed writer Kathleen Wakefield. Thanks to Ian at Mushroom for the recommendation.
14 July

What a tumultuous few weeks. Brazil going through growing pains and demonstrating the power of the people. Brazilians were suddenly fed up with being treated dismissively by their governments.
There were some changes immediately enacted, and President Dilma is talking about many more changes to come.
The Pope is coming to visit Rio, and his trip will cost 100 million. How can a visit possibly cost that much. His tickets are not selling well, so the Vatican has asked the Brazilians to pay out many more millions. And this is the Pope who is one of the ‘people’.
Huge changes are being demanded by the Brazilian government in the Brazilian performing rights licencing and collecting society, ECAD. There need to be huge changes. A composer or publisher cannot even talk directly to ECAD, even though they take 17% commission.
5 July

Wonderful show by Mawaca at SESC Pompeia – the best I have seen. Two sellout concerts.
Black Sabbath back at Number 1 in UK album charts!
17 June

Basement signed a full catalogue agreement with Misty from Sweden. Thanks Anders.
Paulo Bira plays today in Sao Paulo.
Mawaca perform tomorrow and Sunday in Sao Paulo.
14 June

A little note of nostalgia for New York. Maxwells, the Hoboken club, is closing. It has gone the same way as the Bottom Line, CBGBs, Tramps, Wetlands, Max’s and the other great New York rock clubs where I spent many hours in smoke-filled wonderful atmospheres listening to some great music. Not always great music..
8 June

Basement signed a new agreement with a publisher and music supervisor company, Expressive Music, from LA. Thanks Michael.
6 May

We have new agreements with Paulo Bira, Lalau, and Laurabeatriz. They collaborate on Brazilian children’s books and music.
4 May

We signed an agreement with Lyric House from Denver. Thanks to Peter and Jessica.
Who remembers those old black and white grainy television images of Red Square in Moscow showing the military might of the Soviet armies, with all of the heavily bemedalled generals frowning intensely.
1 May

Television played shows in Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Santiago.
The show in BA was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

We have a new agreement with Pennies from Heaven from Holland. Thanks to Wim.
30 April

It has been a busy ten days since the last entry.
I saw the Proclaimers again in New York City at the City Winery. Another great show.
We have a new agreement with Faber Music. Faber is a wonderful classical music catalogue representing many works by Benjamin Britten and Gustav Holst among others. Thank you to Richard and Richard.
We have the shares writeen by Tony Iommi on the new Black Sabbath release. Thanks to Jeff.
Television played 2 great shows in Brazil. The first was in Sao Paulo at Beco, and then at the Abril Pro Rock festival in Recife.
22 April

I saw the Proclaimers at the Bell House in New York last night. What a great show. Craig and Charlie were on top form!
12 April

Andy Johns died. What a brilliant producer and engineer. He worked on some of my favourite classic records by the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Free and Television.
8 April

We signed the publishing catalogues represented by Helen Yu. Thank you Helen.
1 April

Robert Fisher and Willard Grant Conspiracy play at TTs in Boston tonight. I am sure it will be another great show.
11 March

Beatriz Azevedo plays at SESC Ipiranga on Friday, and Paulo Bira performs on Saturday at Clube de Julinho.
6 March

We have a new agreement with Kassner Music. It is a lovely catalogue including early Ray Davies songs such as Stop Your Sobbin’, and A Well Respected Man; Sonny and Cher titles, and the beautiful You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. Thanks David and Alex.
4 March

We signed Paulo Bira. He is a very talented composer and singer of Brazilian children’s songs.
28 February

Kevin Ayers died. I loved his early, incredibly creative albums, and what he did with Soft Machine at their very beginning.
20 February

Martin Dobson from Ninja Tune and Just Isn’t Music has come up with a brilliant idea.
The site enables crowdsource funding for pressing of out of print vinyl and cds.
19 February

We have a new agreement with Rock Music, thanks to Martin and Jonathan at Union Square. It is a great catalogue with songs by the Damned, Nick Lowe, Hawkwind, Syd Barrett and many other from the seventies and eighties in the UK.
Caio’s show was great last night.
15 February

We signed Elevate Music – a nice catalogue from Ireland. Thanks Steve, and Peter at Cacophony for the recommendation.
Caio Bosco is playing at SESC Vila Mariana in Sao Paulo tomorrow.
13 February

It is always good when publishers that we like want to renew their agreements. Thanks to Annette and Reverb for the renewal.
12 February

It is interesting that Sony/EMI and now Universal have stopped using the performance societies as a negotiator, and are now dealing directly with Pandora, and increasing the fees they received from Pandora.
Who will be the next mega-publisher to deal directly and which digital company will be the next target?
6 February

Reg Presley, the singer from the Troggs, died. He had a good voice. They recorded two great songs. “Wild Thing”, and, “Love is all Around”.
The band were also known for “The Troggs Tapes”. This was the expletive-laden live tape of a band trying to record a session. Every band should listen to it.
5 February

We signed 3 new publishers. Cacophony, Digital Hardcore, and Geist. These include music by Shirley Collins, The Pop Group, Atari Teenage Riot, and Asian Dub Foundation. Thanks to Peter.
Musica Sem Limite promote 2 shows by Jon Hassell on 16 and 17 June at SESC Belenzinho.
13 June

Gabriel Levy signed with Basement. He is a wonderful accordion player as well as a very gifted composer.
Thanks to Magda and Gio.
4 June

We have a new publisher with us – Songs in the Key of Knife. Thanks to Ash, and to Phil P for the recommendation.
30 May

Bert Weedon died. He wrote a Teach yourself how to play guitar book that was inspirational to many of the great musicians, and many of the merely aspiring (like myself). Thanks for the teaching Bert.
22 April

We have a new sub-publisher, Casablanca, in Canada. Thanks to Jennifer and Bob.
14 April

We happily renewed our agreement with Fairwood. Thanks Francis and Peter.
10 April

IODA and The Orchard have merged, with the inevitable result of people being fired.
Sony own a majority share of the company.
I wonder how many indie labels and artists are aware of the fact that Sony are the majority owner of The Orchard.
2 April

Sheer have signed a wonderful new songwriter / singer by the name of Zahara.
30 March

The Basements have a new sub-publishing deal in Turkey with Median. Thanks Ali.
28 March

We have new agreements with Bonatarda from Spain – thanks to Helena, Borja and Bruno.
And Martin Costello’s new company which is affiliated with Union Square. Welcome back Martin.
27 March

Kaki was a huge success in Brazil – thank you to all who helped, especially Miguel.
Vince Lovegrove died in Australia – he was a great manager and activist.
26 March

Kaki King performs tonight and tomorrow at SESC Ipiranga in Sao Paulo.
She was on the front cover of Estadao this morning!!
Josh Abrams is performing in Poland this week, after recent shows in Switzerland and France.
14 March

Kaki King plays at SESC Araraquara tonight. She recorded Alta Horas to be broadcast this weekend.
Andy Summers has been recording with Fernanda Takai.
9 March

Caio Bosco plays in Santos tonight.
29 February

Paul Croan has an excellent new cd released next week.
24 February

João Borba played SESC on Monday in São Paulo. It was apparently a great show.

“ Not everything that counts can be counted.
And not everything that can be counted, counts.”
Albert Einstein
We need to always remember this.

It was great that Adele won at the Brits and Grammy’s. Well done to a singer with a wonderful voice and great songs.
Shame on the “suits” who cut short her acceptance speech at the Brits – you deserved the finger!

I am very pleased that A Train will be the sub publisher of Basement Brazil and Basement Music in the USA. Thanks Al.
23 February

We renewed our agreement with Reverb. Thank you Annette. There is a great new Jamie Hartman cd published by Reverb.
17 February

Tim Berne is in the middle of a long US tour. He plays Boston tonight.
16 February

We have a new agreement with a very nice catalogue from Germany, Freibank Music. Thank you Fredrik.
15 February

Whitney Houston died. What a gorgeous voice she had. I was lucky enough to see her perform at the Bottom Line in New York when her first record was just being released. It was a bit of a strange performance as she was dressed in evening wear instead of looking contemporary – but no matter – when she opened her mouth to sing…
12 February

Midem is over for another year. I had a successful time as usual. We renewed our agreements with Union Square and Wintrup and Omen. Thank you Jonathan, Walter and Rita.
I agreed that Roba will be our new sub-publisher in Germany. Thank you Rolf and Christian. It was not an easy decision as there are many good publishers in Germany.
The attendance at Midem was down again.
Kobalt made announcements about AWAL and also the collection of neighbouring rights.
I am very happy that Basement have signed a worldwide agreement with the wonderful sax player and composer, Tim Berne. Thanks Tim.
2 February

I am very pleased that we signed Veal-Steen and Eccleston Music, publishers based in Florida. Thanks Steve.
1 February

What a brilliant concert tonight at SESC Belenzinho with David Torn, Tim Berne and Ches Smith playing as if with one mind and soul. Thank you.
22 January

Etta James died today. She was one of my favourite singers of all time. I was fortunate enough to see her perform a few times when I was living in New York, and getting goose bumps when she would sing “I’d Rather Go Blind”. I will be playing some of her songs tonight in memory.
20 January

Musica Sem Limite bring David Torn with Tim Berne and Ches Smith to perform in Sao Paulo at the weekend.
19 January

We signed a well known “samba” writer – João Borba. Nice to have samba in the catalogue.
16 January

I was lucky tonight – I went to a wonderful show in Salvador at the invitation of Claudia Lima to see and hear Carlinhos Brown. His special guests included Margareth Menezes, Sandra da Sa and Luciana Mello.
It was in an beautiful old building that actually was a slave market many years ago. A place that is full of memories.
Carlinhos was inspired tonight. Thank you Carlinhos and Claudia.
15 January,/i>

We signed 2 writers today.
Caio Bosco who will release his new cd later this year. He is making some very fresh sounding music.
Tiago Mesquita who writes with Mauricio Takara of Hurtmold.
10 January

Josef Skvorecky died – I loved his books – he was a brave man who published many Czech authors when they were banned in their own country.
3 January

Feliz Ano Novo!! Happy New Year!!
We now represent AWAL in Brazil – I am very happy about this.
1 January

iTunes officially opened in Brazil this week, and seemed to get off to a very good start with sales.
I went to an event tonight to commemorate the launch with Marisa Monte and special guests Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes performing. Wonderful music.
15 December

GREAT news! Apple and iTunes are coming to Brazil!! At last!
Mawaca play SP on Friday.
Bucks are doing well – Professor Green is No. 1 in UK and they have signed Joe Strummer’s catalogue.
7 December

Don DeVito died. What a very deep loss to all of us who love music. He was a giant of a man, trusted by Columbia Records for 40 years and by Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Simon and Garfunkel and many other artists. I always learned something about life or music whenever I had the pleasure of spending time with him.
29 November

Robert Fisher has been playing in Ireland and heads off to Germany next.
I like this Google idea – I hope it works!!
Google’s New Music Store Favors Artists And Users, Not The Record Industry
By Matt Rosoff | Nov. 16, 2011, 5:50 PM | 292 | 2
Google just took the wraps off its new music store, which the company has been hinting at for more than 18 months now.
It’s a pretty traditional download store on the lines of iTunes (which has been around for eight years now) and Amazon MP3, but with a few interesting twists, like free music sharing via Google+.
The biggest difference, though, is that Google will allow any artist to create an artist page and upload and sell music through the store. That’s a huge switch from how iTunes and other stores do it.
This could create some logistical nightmares for Google: it will have to deal with customer support issues from potentially millions of musicians, including things like copyright (say a band uploads an unauthorized cover version or a recording that they didn’t even make) and fraud (where scammers use stolen credit cards to “buy” millions of copies of a song they uploaded themselves).
But on the whole, it’s a pretty bold move in favor of independent artists.
16 November

Adele has sold over 1 million of her 21 record on Itunes in Europe. Good for her!! There is still no iTunes in Brazil.
Jackie Leven died. What a wonderful singer / songwriter / guitarist and storyteller.
15 November

An update for the past couple of weeks.
Jimmy Savile died. What a brilliant showman who did a lot of good and was an excellent DJ. I often saw him on the streets in Leeds when I lived there.
Feargal Sharkey has resigned as Head Of UK Music – he has done an excellent job.
It appears as though Sony will get EMI Publishing, and Universal will get EMI Records.
Marty Bandier will be happy about the publishing.
Mawaca are playing in China.
There are economic woes in Greece and Italy, and all of us with savings will see their savings decrease as interest rates become almost zero. Which countries will be next? Spain? Portugal?
11 11 11

I hope Adele recovers completely from her throat surgery. What a gorgeous voice she has.
28 October

Luisa Maita played in Sao Paulo at the weekend.
Basement have a new agreement with Catalyst from UK – thanks to Peter.
25 October

Gaddafi is dead in Libya. He will not be missed by many people.
There is more political corruption in Brazil with another minister accused.
Doghouse Roses are touring in Holland.
20 October

I am back in Brazil after a wonderful vacation in UK.
Steve Jobs died – a brilliant marketing man who could see what the public wanted.
Bert Jansch also died – one of my favourite guitarists of all time – I saw him many times. The first was with Pentangle.
Luisa Maita won the best new artist at the recent Brazilian Grammys.
Beatriz Azevedo plays tonight in New York as part of the CMJ festival.
19 October

REM have finally broken up. It does not seem 30 years since I first heard and saw them. Great band!! Great songs.
22 September

I saw another great show last night by Faust, the German krautrock band from the seventies. Two of the original members still play in the band.
It is interesting that The Beatles would not play in front of a segregated audience when they first toured in the USA. Good for them!
The Dalai Lama was in Brazil. He is truly one of the most wonderful people in the world, along with Nelson Mandela.
He discussed the corruption here in Brazil along with the corruption in India and China. He also openly criticised China.
He stressed the need for learning and studying.
There have been 5 Brazilian government ministers who have had to resign due to corruption allegations. Depressingly, they will probably re-emerge in a few months. Nothing ever happens to them..
It is a HUGE problem in Brazil, and many other countries.
18 September

Cyro’s show was great, and what a great band he has.
16 September

Cyro Baptista is performing in Sao Paulo tonight and then playing more cities in his homeland, Brazil.
According to Oxfam, 24,000 people die each day of hunger related problems. That is a LOT of people.
15 September

The EU have extended the term of copyright in Sound Recordings to 70 years. This was good news for many artists.
I watched a couple of great games of tennis both involving Novak Djokovic. What a brilliant player.
13 September

Tom and Jimmy played a fabulous show last night – electric guitars to old short silent movies – spell binding.
8 September

Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip played an acoustic show in Sao Paulo last night – brilliant versions of some Television songs and old and new Tom Verlaine songs.
Mawaca have finished their tour of Amazonia in Brazil.
7 September

Jerry Leiber has died. He was the songwriting partner of Mike Stoller. Between them they wrote some of my favourite songs like Stand By Me, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Poison Ivy, On Broadway, Leader Of The Pack and many, many others.
22 August

We went to a presentation by ECAD yesterday. It was full of information which was useful.
Mawaca have started a tour in the north of Brazil.
17 August

It is very depressing to see the riots happening in Britain.
Senior police mishandled the initial demonstration in Tottenham by their non-appearance.
However, that became just an excuse for the mayhem that has followed.
The wanton destruction of property and the attacks by thieves and vandals is appalling.
There are pretty obvious social links to all of this. News Corp and government and police misbehave, and very little happens. Ordinary people seem to have many of their rights trampled on by the governments and police.
Depressing for the music business to see that one of the buildings that was burned down is one of the independent record distribution centres.
9 August

It was a Norwegian right winger who slaughtered those innocents in Oslo.
How sad – Amy Winehouse was found dead. What a gorgeous voice and expressive talent, and how depressing that the people around her did/could not protect her better from herself.
24 July

I have finished my studies of Ethics at Oxford for this year.
Great class and students – Alexandra, Taryn, Paquita, Jens and Drew.
Horrible events in Norway.
Murdoch and News International. This looks very murky. How many will it engulf?
There is still a US$15 TRILLION debt in the US, and no agreement to get it lower.
23 July

It is quite astonishing to see how arrogant that Murdoch’s media empire had become with the News of The World phone hacking and lies. The paper has closed. Another bit of history gone.
I wonder what will happen eventually.
What will happen in Greece? Will Italy and Spain follow with their debts?
There is no resolution yet in the USA over their debt.
12 July

Television played on Thursday at Beco 203 in Sao Paulo, and Beco in Porto Alegre last night. They were both sold out, and were great shows. Thanks to Gui and Vitor for promoting the shows
9 July

Miguel and Guiseppe played a great show illustrating Erica Bettiol’s paintings last night.
Television play 2 shows in Brazil this coming week.
Mawaca are playing around Brazil.
Can you believe it is July already.
3 July

I read in the Independent that there are 83 graduate applicants for every new job in the UK. That is quite shocking.
The basic food prices continue to rise.
There are huge problems in Greece, which could result in a domino effect in the rest of Europe.
The United States has a growing debt which most Americans do not seem to be aware of.
China owns a large amount of that debt…
28 June

Mawaca have been playing around Brazil over the past week.
Alex Tronic has finished his fine new cd.
27 June

Mawaca’s second show was equally good! Both shows were recorded for a dvd.
I am not a golf fan, but there was a performance in USA by Rory McIlroy that was tremendous. He is a 22 year old from Northern Ireland, and he won by 8 shots.
19 June

I heard that Clarence Clemons has died – what a great “big” sound he got for Bruce Springsteen. He will be missed by many.
Mawaca’s first show was very special.
18 June

There is another busy weekend in Sao Paulo.
Above & Beyond are playing at a large festival.
Mawaca are doing 2 shows at SESC Pinheiros.
The ash from the volcano in Chile is still causing problems around the world.
There is torrential rain in China which is causing flooding and the evacuation of half a million people. This follows the long drought in China.
The food prices around the world are going to continue to rise.
The Syrians demonstrating against the Assad regime are very brave – going up against the army which is showing no mercy.
17 June

The show last night was different, but equally brilliant. Kaki’s fellow musician, Dan Brantigan, is a wonderful trumpet player. Their playing together on Zeitgeist was exquisite.
13 June

Kaki’s show at SESC Belenzinho last night was a sold out, brilliant concert.
12 June

Kaki played 2 songs live on the Gazeta TV show hosted by Ronny Von. A very interesting show which has been on for years. He used to be a singer, and is now an excellent TV host.
Mietek Pemper, the man who typed up Oskar Schindler’s list which helped save more than 1,000 Jews from the Nazis, has died in Germany aged 91. One of those unlikely heroes of life.
10 June

Kaki King is performing at SESC Belenzinho this weekend. These are the first concerts produced by the new venture between Miguel and myself called Musica Sem Limites.
9 June

Martin Rushent died. He was a great producer, who made many wonderful records by the Stranglers, Human League, 999 and many others. One of the songs was “Don’t you want me” – brilliant!
iTunes is reportedly coming to Brazil in October this year. There is hope yet for the legal digital downloads in Brazil…
7 June

John Legend played in Sao Paulo at the weekend.
What a depressing state the administration of world football is in. A bunch of old corrupt men holding on to power. How ridiculous they all are. And a world away from the likes of Messi.
31 May

Mawaca played again in Sao Paulo.
Manchester Utd lost in the Champions Cup to Barcelona – what a wonderful team.

We extended our agreement with Fairwood. Thanks Francis and Peter.
We have a new agreement with Circular Music from Scotland. Thanks to Adam.
11 May

We do indeed live in interesting times.
Osama bin Laden was killed in his compound in Pakistan. His native land, Saudi Arabia, refused to accept his body so he was buried at sea.
Many questions arise of course. How did the American helicopters fly over Pakistan without being challenged. How did he live there without being “discovered”. Why do I feel that it was right to kill him without a court case? Well, he had admitted his guilt, and showed no remorse over the multiple killings at the WTC in NYC. There is no desire to have a possible shrine to him. Better to let him disappear into the depths.
Now the good news. The wedding of Kate and William was great to watch. A couple in love, and a wonderful ceremony and pageant. Even for a non royalist!!
It appears as though Warners will be sold to a venture capital company. How will they increase the profits to make it a worthwhile deal?? Cut out the top people at the company? It appears to be the only saving left to make. And the most obvious one..
3 May

It is Virada Cultural this weekend in Sao Paulo. A wonderful day long event of music and dance and culture held in many different venues all over the city. A truly tremendous event!!!
17 April

We signed 2 more good catalogues this week.
Roba from Germany – thanks to Rolf and Christian.
P&P Songs from London – thanks to Paul and Peter.
We are looking forward to working with both of these.
U2 are playing in Sao Paulo this weekend. I hope they play some of the songs that Brian Eno co-wrote.
8 April

Brazilian music continues to dominate in payments of performance royalties in Brazil. In 2010, 77% of the payments were for Brazilian copyrights and 23% were international. During the past five years, the performance royalties paid out rose by 68%, and last year the increase was 9%.
5 April

I went to a great show at Auditorio Ibirapuera with Kiko, Joao, Lula and many other musicians. This is like a new wave of Sao Paulo music.
Very interesting.
4 April

BMG are still trying to buy Warners and EMI. If they do, then that will make an enormous difference in the world of music publishing.
A great internet radio site opened today in the UK.
31 March

Morcheeba and Black Sabbath play in São Paulo this weekend.
There is continuing unrest in Syria, Jordan and Yemen. The opposition in Libya are utilising the air support from NATO and the rest of the coalition.
I am very happy to see so many of these old dictators coming to an end.
There was a big demonstration in London against the cuts.
I agree that the government should be made aware of the unhappiness of the majority of people. It is not this government who created the mess that Britain is in. It is the collective governments in the past few years. Some ministers, and particularly one prime minister, seemed to be working purely for their own pocket. And have done very well..
There was some violence involved in the demonstration. I understand the extremists anger, but do not approve of damage being caused, or attacks on police.
It is wonderful how the people in Japan are “getting on with things” so well, and honourably, and calmly.
26 March

The offers are coming in for Warners and EMI.
Among others, BMG have offered US$2.8 Billion for Warners, and Universal offered US$3 Billion for EMI.
CISAC are joining the GRD project. It is an interesting and enormous project.
These composers are the Top Earners of performing royalties in Brazil during 2010:
1 – Victor Chaves (da dupla Victor & Leo)
2 – Sorocaba (da dupla Fernando & Sorocaba)
3 – Nando Reis
4 – Roberto Carlos
5 – Dorgival Dantas
6 – Euler Coelho (autor do hit “Chora, me Liga”)
7 – Paul McCartney
8 – Lulu Santos
9 – Erasmo Carlos
10 – Djavan
11 – Jorge Ben Jor
12 – Rick (da dupla Rick & Renner)
13 – Herbert Vianna
14 – Caetano Veloso
15 – Carlinhos Brown
16 – Gilberto Gil
17 – Durval Lelys (da banda Asa de Águia)
18 – Manno Góes (da banda Jammil e uma Noites)
19 – Cesar Augusto
20 – John Lennon
22 March

I heard another very good show last night at SESC Belenzinho. Stickmen with Tony Levin. It was great to see him again.
21 March

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