Brazil – little note

Brazil. Where I happily live. Sadly the corruption is rampant at the top, and seems to begin at the top.
The presidents of the Senate and the House are being investigated for corruption in the Petrobras scandal.
The president of Brazil, Dilma, was Chair of Petrobras for a number of years when the corruption was apparently the normal way of doing business. She has denounced the allegations of corruption as lies. She gets to elect the final judge who will investigate the charges against politicians… Convenient????
If she was Chair, then she either knew and was involved, or she was inept in her job.
Currently, the economy in Brazil is being flushed down the toilet by this government’s ineptitude and lack of understanding of international affairs and economics.
Our currency has lost over 30% in the past year. Many jobs are being lost. Savings are disappearing.
If Dilma and the PT cared about Brazil and the Brazilians, they would call another election and hand over the power to a government who understand economics, social values, and who value honesty. Corruption is destroying our country.

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