Reverb Music

I am very happy that Reverb have extended their agreement with Basement. Thanks Annette.

Manners McDade

Today we signed a new agreement with Manners McDade Music Publishing from London. This is a good and growing catalogue. Thanks to Harriet.

Pomus Songs

I am very happy to announce that we now represent the songs of Doc Pomus as published by Pomus Songs. Thanks to Will, and to Philip for the introduction. I worked with Doc many years ago on a film by Robert Frank.


USA Supreme Court

This has nothing to do with the music business, but I am very proud of the Supreme Court of the USA after they legalised Gay Marriage and also a major part of the ‘Obamacare’ health plan. Some days there is … Continued

Black and Tan Publishing

Basement have signed a new agreement with Black and Tan Publishing from Holland. This is a blues -orientated label and publishing company. Thanks to Jan.


Apple backed down from their original proposal to the Indies. Their first proposal indicated how out of touch some of their VPs are as they live in their ivory towers. Thanks to Martin Mills and Charles Caldas for leading the negotiations, and also to Taylor Swift for being a public face. Now the Indies have a much fairer deal. Let’s go!!

Astor Piazzolla

We now represent Astor Piazzolla through Kassner. Nice.

Bizarre and depressing

This is bizarre… According to Digital Music News, Spotify is worth more than the US recording industry… Spotify is valued at $8.4 billion, which is calculated by Wall Street Journal, based on an upcoming, $400 million+ capital round led by … Continued

Nordic Music

We signed a new agreement with Nordic from Copenhagen. Thanks to Ole and Jon.

East India Youth

I really like their records. William Doyle is a very interesting composer. Thanks to Beggars for the publishing.