Peter Grant

Peter Grant died on this day in 1995. He was the manager of Led Zeppelin and was the first manager to break the stranglehold that concert promoters had on deals for concerts. He did not accept the standard 50/50 deals, and wanted 90/10 deals. All managers should respect what he achieved. He also had another side which was rather more physical. He would take a baseball bat into stores selling bootleg Zeppelin records and cause the stores to wish that they had not sold the bootlegs. Of course he had the physical stature to do this.

Bruce Springsteen

I first saw Bruce Springsteen on this day in 1975 at Hammersmith Odeon in London. What a great show, great singer, great band and great songs!


Television in Gateshead and Manchester

They have played two great shows so far in the UK. The Sage in Gateshead, which is a glorious venue; and The Academy in Manchester which is much more of a `rock` venue.

Glad All Over

On this day in 1964 the Dave Clark Five performed “Glad All Over.” on The Ed Sullivan Show in the USA. We sub-publish this song on behalf of Music Sales.

Tom Verlaine

Basement agreed to publish all of the music written by Tom Verlaine, including all of the songs from Marquee Moon. I am VERY happy about this!

Television in NZ and Australia

The tour finished last night at MONA in Hobart. The band played Powerstation in Auckland, The Palais in Melbourne, The Fly by Night in Fremantle, The Enmore in Sydney, and Hobart last night. Brilliant shows.

Television in Fremantle

They played another great show last night in Fremantle, Australia at the Fly By Night club. Great club and really good people.

Lou Reed

Another great musician and writer died today. Lou wrote and recorded so many great songs that set bench marks in their subject matter. Heroin, Walk on the Wild Side, Venus in Fur, Perfect Day, Sunday Morning and Berlin to name just a few gems. He was a wonderful guitarist, and a master of tone. His version of September Song remains a favourite of mine. Too young.

Oscar Hijuelos

This wonderful writer has died. I loved his book, The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, and the film made from the book. There was some really great music in the film.


On this day in 2006, CBGB, the legendary New York club credited with discovering Television, Patti Smith, and The Ramones, closed after a final gig by Patti Smith. I went to MANY shows at CBGB and the little club, CB Gallery next door to it. It was always easy and a pleasure to work with Hilly, Louise and Liz.

Cutting Edge

We have a new agreement with the Cutting Edge Group. We are looking forward to delving into this catalogue. Thanks to Phil and Gerri, and inadvertently, the MPA.