Television in New Zealand and Australia

Television head south to New Zealand and Australia for a few shows.


THURSDAY      24 Auckland Powerstation

SATURDAY      26 Melbourne ATP

MONDAY         28 Fremantle Fly by Night

WEDNESDAY  30 Sydney Enmore


FRIDAY               1 Hobart The Void at Mona

Mawaca to China

Mawaca are going to China for a few concerts.The record label in China are actually releasing a physical CD!

On this day

in 1962, The Tornadoes were at No.1 on the singles chart with the instrumental, ‘Telstar’, (named after a communication satellite). I loved this music.

in 1963, The Beatles made their first appearance on the UK ITV pop show ‘Ready Steady Go!’ This was a show that you could not miss in those days of incredibly limited TV appearances for music.


Our Turkish friends, Median, have signed a very popular writer, Serdar Ortac.

Archie Roach

There is a new compilation of his music released in Australia this week. I remember going to see him and his wife, Ruby, perform in a club in New York many years ago. I think that it was Frank Riley who recommended that I go to see him.
It was the only time I have cried during a musical concert. He talked about how life was in Australia growing up as an Aborigine, and introduced the song “Took the children away”. A friend of mine, Paul Kelly, had helped Archie record the album Charcoal Lane. Great songs and record.

Pennies From Heaven

The Pennies From Heaven catalogue contains songs from critically acclaimed Dutch artists and writers like Urban Dance Squad, Junkie XL, Caro Emerald, and many others.

I am very happy that we have an updated web site!
Thanks to Darren and Keith.

We have signed an important new catalogue from UK. Eagle-I Music.
The catalogue includes works by Jeff Healey – I saw him play many times in New York and Toronto in his early days, Ronnie Wood, the Brand New Heavies, the George Martin catalogue, Tommy Bolin and many others. Thanks Roberto and Joe.

On this day in 1976, The first of the two night 100 Club Punk Festival, Oxford St, London, featuring The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Sub Way Sect, Suzie (spelling on the poster), And The Banshees, The Buzzcocks, Vibrators and Stinky Toys. The 100 Club was an odd choice in many ways. It was a home for mainly traditional jazz bands, and I had even taken my father to see a band play there. It was almost directly opposite my office at that time.

On this day in 1970, the first UK Glastonbury Festival took place featuring Marc Bolan, Ian Anderson, Keith Christmas, Quintessence, Amazing Blondel and Sam Apple Pie. It is wonderful how it has evolved and grown. I had hitch-hiked down from Birmingham and it was not too easy to find the location.

The Mercury Music Prize short list was announced in London. It includes Jon Hopkins who we sub-publish through Domino. Jon has collaborated with Brian Eno in the past. We sub-publish Brian through Opal.

On this day in 1964, The Kinks third single ‘You Really Got Me’, was at No.1 on the singles chart. Future Led Zeppelin founder and guitarist Jimmy Page played tambourine on the track. The song was written by Ray Davies and we sub-publish it through Kassner Music. Giselle Bundchen has recorded a version for use in a commercial for H & M.