We signed an agreement to represent Nichion in Brazil. This is a large Japanese publishing company. Thanks to Keith Cahoon and Aiko.

On this day in 1964, The Honeycombs were at No.1 on the singles chart with ‘Have I The Right’, the group’s only No.1.

We signed a new agreement with Adam Dorn’s company, Slugwell Music. Adam records as Mocean Worker. Thanks to Adam and Keith.
It is sickening to see how arrogantly the British and American governments are treating the case of David Miranda, the partner of Glenn Greenwald. 

On this day in 1960, 16-year old Brian Hyland went to No.1 on the singles chart with ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’

JJ Cale died. A sad loss to the singer / songwriter / guitarist world.
28 July

Red Brick Songs signed to Basement. This is a very tasty Canadian publishing company. Thanks Jennifer.
20 July

We signed writer Kathleen Wakefield. Thanks to Ian at Mushroom for the recommendation.
14 July

What a tumultuous few weeks. Brazil going through growing pains and demonstrating the power of the people. Brazilians were suddenly fed up with being treated dismissively by their governments.
There were some changes immediately enacted, and President Dilma is talking about many more changes to come.
The Pope is coming to visit Rio, and his trip will cost 100 million. How can a visit possibly cost that much. His tickets are not selling well, so the Vatican has asked the Brazilians to pay out many more millions. And this is the Pope who is one of the ‘people’.
Huge changes are being demanded by the Brazilian government in the Brazilian performing rights licencing and collecting society, ECAD. There need to be huge changes. A composer or publisher cannot even talk directly to ECAD, even though they take 17% commission.
5 July

Wonderful show by Mawaca at SESC Pompeia – the best I have seen. Two sellout concerts.
Black Sabbath back at Number 1 in UK album charts!
17 June

Basement signed a full catalogue agreement with Misty from Sweden. Thanks Anders.
Paulo Bira plays today in Sao Paulo.
Mawaca perform tomorrow and Sunday in Sao Paulo.
14 June

A little note of nostalgia for New York. Maxwells, the Hoboken club, is closing. It has gone the same way as the Bottom Line, CBGBs, Tramps, Wetlands, Max’s and the other great New York rock clubs where I spent many hours in smoke-filled wonderful atmospheres listening to some great music. Not always great music..
8 June

Basement signed a new agreement with a publisher and music supervisor company, Expressive Music, from LA. Thanks Michael.
6 May

We have new agreements with Paulo Bira, Lalau, and Laurabeatriz. They collaborate on Brazilian children’s books and music.
4 May

We signed an agreement with Lyric House from Denver. Thanks to Peter and Jessica.
Who remembers those old black and white grainy television images of Red Square in Moscow showing the military might of the Soviet armies, with all of the heavily bemedalled generals frowning intensely.
1 May

Television played shows in Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Santiago.
The show in BA was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

We have a new agreement with Pennies from Heaven from Holland. Thanks to Wim.
30 April

It has been a busy ten days since the last entry.
I saw the Proclaimers again in New York City at the City Winery. Another great show.
We have a new agreement with Faber Music. Faber is a wonderful classical music catalogue representing many works by Benjamin Britten and Gustav Holst among others. Thank you to Richard and Richard.
We have the shares writeen by Tony Iommi on the new Black Sabbath release. Thanks to Jeff.
Television played 2 great shows in Brazil. The first was in Sao Paulo at Beco, and then at the Abril Pro Rock festival in Recife.
22 April

I saw the Proclaimers at the Bell House in New York last night. What a great show. Craig and Charlie were on top form!
12 April

Andy Johns died. What a brilliant producer and engineer. He worked on some of my favourite classic records by the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Free and Television.
8 April

We signed the publishing catalogues represented by Helen Yu. Thank you Helen.
1 April

Robert Fisher and Willard Grant Conspiracy play at TTs in Boston tonight. I am sure it will be another great show.
11 March

Beatriz Azevedo plays at SESC Ipiranga on Friday, and Paulo Bira performs on Saturday at Clube de Julinho.
6 March

We have a new agreement with Kassner Music. It is a lovely catalogue including early Ray Davies songs such as Stop Your Sobbin’, and A Well Respected Man; Sonny and Cher titles, and the beautiful You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. Thanks David and Alex.
4 March

We signed Paulo Bira. He is a very talented composer and singer of Brazilian children’s songs.
28 February

Kevin Ayers died. I loved his early, incredibly creative albums, and what he did with Soft Machine at their very beginning.
20 February

Martin Dobson from Ninja Tune and Just Isn’t Music has come up with a brilliant idea.
The site enables crowdsource funding for pressing of out of print vinyl and cds.
19 February

We have a new agreement with Rock Music, thanks to Martin and Jonathan at Union Square. It is a great catalogue with songs by the Damned, Nick Lowe, Hawkwind, Syd Barrett and many other from the seventies and eighties in the UK.
Caio’s show was great last night.
15 February

We signed Elevate Music – a nice catalogue from Ireland. Thanks Steve, and Peter at Cacophony for the recommendation.
Caio Bosco is playing at SESC Vila Mariana in Sao Paulo tomorrow.
13 February

It is always good when publishers that we like want to renew their agreements. Thanks to Annette and Reverb for the renewal.
12 February

It is interesting that Sony/EMI and now Universal have stopped using the performance societies as a negotiator, and are now dealing directly with Pandora, and increasing the fees they received from Pandora.
Who will be the next mega-publisher to deal directly and which digital company will be the next target?
6 February

Reg Presley, the singer from the Troggs, died. He had a good voice. They recorded two great songs. “Wild Thing”, and, “Love is all Around”.
The band were also known for “The Troggs Tapes”. This was the expletive-laden live tape of a band trying to record a session. Every band should listen to it.
5 February

We signed 3 new publishers. Cacophony, Digital Hardcore, and Geist. These include music by Shirley Collins, The Pop Group, Atari Teenage Riot, and Asian Dub Foundation. Thanks to Peter.
Musica Sem Limite promote 2 shows by Jon Hassell on 16 and 17 June at SESC Belenzinho.
13 June

Gabriel Levy signed with Basement. He is a wonderful accordion player as well as a very gifted composer.
Thanks to Magda and Gio.
4 June

We have a new publisher with us – Songs in the Key of Knife. Thanks to Ash, and to Phil P for the recommendation.
30 May

Bert Weedon died. He wrote a Teach yourself how to play guitar book that was inspirational to many of the great musicians, and many of the merely aspiring (like myself). Thanks for the teaching Bert.
22 April

We have a new sub-publisher, Casablanca, in Canada. Thanks to Jennifer and Bob.
14 April

We happily renewed our agreement with Fairwood. Thanks Francis and Peter.
10 April

IODA and The Orchard have merged, with the inevitable result of people being fired.
Sony own a majority share of the company.
I wonder how many indie labels and artists are aware of the fact that Sony are the majority owner of The Orchard.
2 April

Sheer have signed a wonderful new songwriter / singer by the name of Zahara.
30 March

The Basements have a new sub-publishing deal in Turkey with Median. Thanks Ali.
28 March

We have new agreements with Bonatarda from Spain – thanks to Helena, Borja and Bruno.
And Martin Costello’s new company which is affiliated with Union Square. Welcome back Martin.
27 March

Kaki was a huge success in Brazil – thank you to all who helped, especially Miguel.
Vince Lovegrove died in Australia – he was a great manager and activist.
26 March

Kaki King performs tonight and tomorrow at SESC Ipiranga in Sao Paulo.
She was on the front cover of Estadao this morning!!
Josh Abrams is performing in Poland this week, after recent shows in Switzerland and France.
14 March

Kaki King plays at SESC Araraquara tonight. She recorded Alta Horas to be broadcast this weekend.
Andy Summers has been recording with Fernanda Takai.
9 March

Caio Bosco plays in Santos tonight.
29 February

Paul Croan has an excellent new cd released next week.
24 February

João Borba played SESC on Monday in São Paulo. It was apparently a great show.

“ Not everything that counts can be counted.
And not everything that can be counted, counts.”
Albert Einstein
We need to always remember this.

It was great that Adele won at the Brits and Grammy’s. Well done to a singer with a wonderful voice and great songs.
Shame on the “suits” who cut short her acceptance speech at the Brits – you deserved the finger!

I am very pleased that A Train will be the sub publisher of Basement Brazil and Basement Music in the USA. Thanks Al.
23 February

We renewed our agreement with Reverb. Thank you Annette. There is a great new Jamie Hartman cd published by Reverb.
17 February

Tim Berne is in the middle of a long US tour. He plays Boston tonight.
16 February

We have a new agreement with a very nice catalogue from Germany, Freibank Music. Thank you Fredrik.
15 February

Whitney Houston died. What a gorgeous voice she had. I was lucky enough to see her perform at the Bottom Line in New York when her first record was just being released. It was a bit of a strange performance as she was dressed in evening wear instead of looking contemporary – but no matter – when she opened her mouth to sing…
12 February

Midem is over for another year. I had a successful time as usual. We renewed our agreements with Union Square and Wintrup and Omen. Thank you Jonathan, Walter and Rita.
I agreed that Roba will be our new sub-publisher in Germany. Thank you Rolf and Christian. It was not an easy decision as there are many good publishers in Germany.
The attendance at Midem was down again.
Kobalt made announcements about AWAL and also the collection of neighbouring rights.
I am very happy that Basement have signed a worldwide agreement with the wonderful sax player and composer, Tim Berne. Thanks Tim.
2 February

I am very pleased that we signed Veal-Steen and Eccleston Music, publishers based in Florida. Thanks Steve.
1 February

What a brilliant concert tonight at SESC Belenzinho with David Torn, Tim Berne and Ches Smith playing as if with one mind and soul. Thank you.
22 January

Etta James died today. She was one of my favourite singers of all time. I was fortunate enough to see her perform a few times when I was living in New York, and getting goose bumps when she would sing “I’d Rather Go Blind”. I will be playing some of her songs tonight in memory.
20 January

Musica Sem Limite bring David Torn with Tim Berne and Ches Smith to perform in Sao Paulo at the weekend.
19 January

We signed a well known “samba” writer – João Borba. Nice to have samba in the catalogue.
16 January

I was lucky tonight – I went to a wonderful show in Salvador at the invitation of Claudia Lima to see and hear Carlinhos Brown. His special guests included Margareth Menezes, Sandra da Sa and Luciana Mello.
It was in an beautiful old building that actually was a slave market many years ago. A place that is full of memories.
Carlinhos was inspired tonight. Thank you Carlinhos and Claudia.
15 January,/i>

We signed 2 writers today.
Caio Bosco who will release his new cd later this year. He is making some very fresh sounding music.
Tiago Mesquita who writes with Mauricio Takara of Hurtmold.
10 January

Josef Skvorecky died – I loved his books – he was a brave man who published many Czech authors when they were banned in their own country.
3 January

Feliz Ano Novo!! Happy New Year!!
We now represent AWAL in Brazil – I am very happy about this.
1 January

iTunes officially opened in Brazil this week, and seemed to get off to a very good start with sales.
I went to an event tonight to commemorate the launch with Marisa Monte and special guests Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes performing. Wonderful music.
15 December

GREAT news! Apple and iTunes are coming to Brazil!! At last!
Mawaca play SP on Friday.
Bucks are doing well – Professor Green is No. 1 in UK and they have signed Joe Strummer’s catalogue.
7 December

Don DeVito died. What a very deep loss to all of us who love music. He was a giant of a man, trusted by Columbia Records for 40 years and by Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Simon and Garfunkel and many other artists. I always learned something about life or music whenever I had the pleasure of spending time with him.
29 November

Robert Fisher has been playing in Ireland and heads off to Germany next.
I like this Google idea – I hope it works!!
Google’s New Music Store Favors Artists And Users, Not The Record Industry
By Matt Rosoff | Nov. 16, 2011, 5:50 PM | 292 | 2
Google just took the wraps off its new music store, which the company has been hinting at for more than 18 months now.
It’s a pretty traditional download store on the lines of iTunes (which has been around for eight years now) and Amazon MP3, but with a few interesting twists, like free music sharing via Google+.
The biggest difference, though, is that Google will allow any artist to create an artist page and upload and sell music through the store. That’s a huge switch from how iTunes and other stores do it.
This could create some logistical nightmares for Google: it will have to deal with customer support issues from potentially millions of musicians, including things like copyright (say a band uploads an unauthorized cover version or a recording that they didn’t even make) and fraud (where scammers use stolen credit cards to “buy” millions of copies of a song they uploaded themselves).
But on the whole, it’s a pretty bold move in favor of independent artists.
16 November

Adele has sold over 1 million of her 21 record on Itunes in Europe. Good for her!! There is still no iTunes in Brazil.
Jackie Leven died. What a wonderful singer / songwriter / guitarist and storyteller.
15 November

An update for the past couple of weeks.
Jimmy Savile died. What a brilliant showman who did a lot of good and was an excellent DJ. I often saw him on the streets in Leeds when I lived there.
Feargal Sharkey has resigned as Head Of UK Music – he has done an excellent job.
It appears as though Sony will get EMI Publishing, and Universal will get EMI Records.
Marty Bandier will be happy about the publishing.
Mawaca are playing in China.
There are economic woes in Greece and Italy, and all of us with savings will see their savings decrease as interest rates become almost zero. Which countries will be next? Spain? Portugal?
11 11 11

I hope Adele recovers completely from her throat surgery. What a gorgeous voice she has.
28 October

Luisa Maita played in Sao Paulo at the weekend.
Basement have a new agreement with Catalyst from UK – thanks to Peter.
25 October

Gaddafi is dead in Libya. He will not be missed by many people.
There is more political corruption in Brazil with another minister accused.
Doghouse Roses are touring in Holland.
20 October

I am back in Brazil after a wonderful vacation in UK.
Steve Jobs died – a brilliant marketing man who could see what the public wanted.
Bert Jansch also died – one of my favourite guitarists of all time – I saw him many times. The first was with Pentangle.
Luisa Maita won the best new artist at the recent Brazilian Grammys.
Beatriz Azevedo plays tonight in New York as part of the CMJ festival.
19 October

REM have finally broken up. It does not seem 30 years since I first heard and saw them. Great band!! Great songs.
22 September

I saw another great show last night by Faust, the German krautrock band from the seventies. Two of the original members still play in the band.
It is interesting that The Beatles would not play in front of a segregated audience when they first toured in the USA. Good for them!
The Dalai Lama was in Brazil. He is truly one of the most wonderful people in the world, along with Nelson Mandela.
He discussed the corruption here in Brazil along with the corruption in India and China. He also openly criticised China.
He stressed the need for learning and studying.
There have been 5 Brazilian government ministers who have had to resign due to corruption allegations. Depressingly, they will probably re-emerge in a few months. Nothing ever happens to them..
It is a HUGE problem in Brazil, and many other countries.
18 September

Cyro’s show was great, and what a great band he has.
16 September

Cyro Baptista is performing in Sao Paulo tonight and then playing more cities in his homeland, Brazil.
According to Oxfam, 24,000 people die each day of hunger related problems. That is a LOT of people.
15 September

The EU have extended the term of copyright in Sound Recordings to 70 years. This was good news for many artists.
I watched a couple of great games of tennis both involving Novak Djokovic. What a brilliant player.
13 September

Tom and Jimmy played a fabulous show last night – electric guitars to old short silent movies – spell binding.
8 September

Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip played an acoustic show in Sao Paulo last night – brilliant versions of some Television songs and old and new Tom Verlaine songs.
Mawaca have finished their tour of Amazonia in Brazil.
7 September

Jerry Leiber has died. He was the songwriting partner of Mike Stoller. Between them they wrote some of my favourite songs like Stand By Me, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Poison Ivy, On Broadway, Leader Of The Pack and many, many others.
22 August

We went to a presentation by ECAD yesterday. It was full of information which was useful.
Mawaca have started a tour in the north of Brazil.
17 August

It is very depressing to see the riots happening in Britain.
Senior police mishandled the initial demonstration in Tottenham by their non-appearance.
However, that became just an excuse for the mayhem that has followed.
The wanton destruction of property and the attacks by thieves and vandals is appalling.
There are pretty obvious social links to all of this. News Corp and government and police misbehave, and very little happens. Ordinary people seem to have many of their rights trampled on by the governments and police.
Depressing for the music business to see that one of the buildings that was burned down is one of the independent record distribution centres.
9 August

It was a Norwegian right winger who slaughtered those innocents in Oslo.
How sad – Amy Winehouse was found dead. What a gorgeous voice and expressive talent, and how depressing that the people around her did/could not protect her better from herself.
24 July

I have finished my studies of Ethics at Oxford for this year.
Great class and students – Alexandra, Taryn, Paquita, Jens and Drew.
Horrible events in Norway.
Murdoch and News International. This looks very murky. How many will it engulf?
There is still a US$15 TRILLION debt in the US, and no agreement to get it lower.
23 July

It is quite astonishing to see how arrogant that Murdoch’s media empire had become with the News of The World phone hacking and lies. The paper has closed. Another bit of history gone.
I wonder what will happen eventually.
What will happen in Greece? Will Italy and Spain follow with their debts?
There is no resolution yet in the USA over their debt.
12 July

Television played on Thursday at Beco 203 in Sao Paulo, and Beco in Porto Alegre last night. They were both sold out, and were great shows. Thanks to Gui and Vitor for promoting the shows
9 July

Miguel and Guiseppe played a great show illustrating Erica Bettiol’s paintings last night.
Television play 2 shows in Brazil this coming week.
Mawaca are playing around Brazil.
Can you believe it is July already.
3 July

I read in the Independent that there are 83 graduate applicants for every new job in the UK. That is quite shocking.
The basic food prices continue to rise.
There are huge problems in Greece, which could result in a domino effect in the rest of Europe.
The United States has a growing debt which most Americans do not seem to be aware of.
China owns a large amount of that debt…
28 June

Mawaca have been playing around Brazil over the past week.
Alex Tronic has finished his fine new cd.
27 June

Mawaca’s second show was equally good! Both shows were recorded for a dvd.
I am not a golf fan, but there was a performance in USA by Rory McIlroy that was tremendous. He is a 22 year old from Northern Ireland, and he won by 8 shots.
19 June

I heard that Clarence Clemons has died – what a great “big” sound he got for Bruce Springsteen. He will be missed by many.
Mawaca’s first show was very special.
18 June

There is another busy weekend in Sao Paulo.
Above & Beyond are playing at a large festival.
Mawaca are doing 2 shows at SESC Pinheiros.
The ash from the volcano in Chile is still causing problems around the world.
There is torrential rain in China which is causing flooding and the evacuation of half a million people. This follows the long drought in China.
The food prices around the world are going to continue to rise.
The Syrians demonstrating against the Assad regime are very brave – going up against the army which is showing no mercy.
17 June

The show last night was different, but equally brilliant. Kaki’s fellow musician, Dan Brantigan, is a wonderful trumpet player. Their playing together on Zeitgeist was exquisite.
13 June

Kaki’s show at SESC Belenzinho last night was a sold out, brilliant concert.
12 June

Kaki played 2 songs live on the Gazeta TV show hosted by Ronny Von. A very interesting show which has been on for years. He used to be a singer, and is now an excellent TV host.
Mietek Pemper, the man who typed up Oskar Schindler’s list which helped save more than 1,000 Jews from the Nazis, has died in Germany aged 91. One of those unlikely heroes of life.
10 June

Kaki King is performing at SESC Belenzinho this weekend. These are the first concerts produced by the new venture between Miguel and myself called Musica Sem Limites.
9 June

Martin Rushent died. He was a great producer, who made many wonderful records by the Stranglers, Human League, 999 and many others. One of the songs was “Don’t you want me” – brilliant!
iTunes is reportedly coming to Brazil in October this year. There is hope yet for the legal digital downloads in Brazil…
7 June

John Legend played in Sao Paulo at the weekend.
What a depressing state the administration of world football is in. A bunch of old corrupt men holding on to power. How ridiculous they all are. And a world away from the likes of Messi.
31 May

Mawaca played again in Sao Paulo.
Manchester Utd lost in the Champions Cup to Barcelona – what a wonderful team.

We extended our agreement with Fairwood. Thanks Francis and Peter.
We have a new agreement with Circular Music from Scotland. Thanks to Adam.
11 May

We do indeed live in interesting times.
Osama bin Laden was killed in his compound in Pakistan. His native land, Saudi Arabia, refused to accept his body so he was buried at sea.
Many questions arise of course. How did the American helicopters fly over Pakistan without being challenged. How did he live there without being “discovered”. Why do I feel that it was right to kill him without a court case? Well, he had admitted his guilt, and showed no remorse over the multiple killings at the WTC in NYC. There is no desire to have a possible shrine to him. Better to let him disappear into the depths.
Now the good news. The wedding of Kate and William was great to watch. A couple in love, and a wonderful ceremony and pageant. Even for a non royalist!!
It appears as though Warners will be sold to a venture capital company. How will they increase the profits to make it a worthwhile deal?? Cut out the top people at the company? It appears to be the only saving left to make. And the most obvious one..
3 May

It is Virada Cultural this weekend in Sao Paulo. A wonderful day long event of music and dance and culture held in many different venues all over the city. A truly tremendous event!!!
17 April

We signed 2 more good catalogues this week.
Roba from Germany – thanks to Rolf and Christian.
P&P Songs from London – thanks to Paul and Peter.
We are looking forward to working with both of these.
U2 are playing in Sao Paulo this weekend. I hope they play some of the songs that Brian Eno co-wrote.
8 April

Brazilian music continues to dominate in payments of performance royalties in Brazil. In 2010, 77% of the payments were for Brazilian copyrights and 23% were international. During the past five years, the performance royalties paid out rose by 68%, and last year the increase was 9%.
5 April

I went to a great show at Auditorio Ibirapuera with Kiko, Joao, Lula and many other musicians. This is like a new wave of Sao Paulo music.
Very interesting.
4 April

BMG are still trying to buy Warners and EMI. If they do, then that will make an enormous difference in the world of music publishing.
A great internet radio site opened today in the UK.
31 March

Morcheeba and Black Sabbath play in São Paulo this weekend.
There is continuing unrest in Syria, Jordan and Yemen. The opposition in Libya are utilising the air support from NATO and the rest of the coalition.
I am very happy to see so many of these old dictators coming to an end.
There was a big demonstration in London against the cuts.
I agree that the government should be made aware of the unhappiness of the majority of people. It is not this government who created the mess that Britain is in. It is the collective governments in the past few years. Some ministers, and particularly one prime minister, seemed to be working purely for their own pocket. And have done very well..
There was some violence involved in the demonstration. I understand the extremists anger, but do not approve of damage being caused, or attacks on police.
It is wonderful how the people in Japan are “getting on with things” so well, and honourably, and calmly.
26 March

The offers are coming in for Warners and EMI.
Among others, BMG have offered US$2.8 Billion for Warners, and Universal offered US$3 Billion for EMI.
CISAC are joining the GRD project. It is an interesting and enormous project.
These composers are the Top Earners of performing royalties in Brazil during 2010:
1 – Victor Chaves (da dupla Victor & Leo)
2 – Sorocaba (da dupla Fernando & Sorocaba)
3 – Nando Reis
4 – Roberto Carlos
5 – Dorgival Dantas
6 – Euler Coelho (autor do hit “Chora, me Liga”)
7 – Paul McCartney
8 – Lulu Santos
9 – Erasmo Carlos
10 – Djavan
11 – Jorge Ben Jor
12 – Rick (da dupla Rick & Renner)
13 – Herbert Vianna
14 – Caetano Veloso
15 – Carlinhos Brown
16 – Gilberto Gil
17 – Durval Lelys (da banda Asa de Águia)
18 – Manno Góes (da banda Jammil e uma Noites)
19 – Cesar Augusto
20 – John Lennon
22 March

I heard another very good show last night at SESC Belenzinho. Stickmen with Tony Levin. It was great to see him again.
21 March

It is almost the end of the year. These years are just flying by.
I wonder if the music business started to lose way when the major labels started thinking of product instead of records. Music was lost in the shuffle as units became important instead of sales. Then we had paradigm shifts, and thinking outside the box. The problem seems to have been that the demise of the business was linked to a poorer quality of music, cramming more poor songs onto a cd just because the cd could contain the higher number, a lack of self-criticism by musicians, a rise in the number of dreadful very low common-denominator tv programmes, a rise in the number of very highly paid executives who had salaries that far exceeded their talents, and I can go on.
Basement Brazil are firm believers in the need for a society in Brazil to authorize and collect mechanical royalties from labels and digital download companies. We have decided to work with UBC for this collection. There is good healthy competition between UBC and ABRAMUS with excellent people working for both societies.
Good music – latest Willard Grant Conspiracy cd: Paper Covers Stone; Robert Wyatt and his Box of CDs; old Jackson Browne cd – For Everyman; Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion.
30 December

A lot of indie bands and artists were left with no money after Snocap, imeem and MySpace Music decided to not pay them for their online sales. It is a shabby business at times.
15 December

Miguel and Paulo played again at the weekend – in a cool space – Emma Thomas gallery.
BMG Rights have signed The Crystal Method, and also Pam Steyne.
11 December

Benjamim Taubkin played the other night. Miguel Barella and also Paulo Beto are playing tomorrow – different places.
Dirty Projectors come to Brazil for a series of shows.
Richard Lloyd is working with Rocket from the Tombs.
28 November

Merlin have concluded an agreement with MySpace Music – all independents should be happy about this.
23 November

Benjamim Taubkin played at the weekend, and will be doing a series of shows around São Paulo in the next couple of weeks.
Royalty Network have signed Sergio Dias of Os Mutantes and also Fred Schneider of the B-52s. Two great bands.
Os Mutantes have just finished a 2 month tour of USA and Canada.
Jamie Cullum has a new cd.
There is a new Vibrators CD, and the band are doing a UK tour in support of the release.
Stage Three have their continued successes on the charts.
Chrysalis have been very busy with new great signings.
BMG Rights go from strength to strength.
13 November

Brian Eno has been busy as usual – he has collaborated with Karl Hyde of the duo Underworld on their new album, and he has composed the music soundtrack for the new movie by Peter Jackson called “THE LOVELY BONES” which is released in the next couple of months.
4 November

Sarah Brightman on tour in Brazil.
The Horrors start a BIG tour in Europe with Muse.
Il Divo will be in Brazil soon.
Beatriz Azevedo is performing in São Paulo.
Nokia making inroads into the music market in Brazil. I like what they are offering.
22 October

A-ha have broken up just after getting a top 10 album..
David Garrett has signed with BMG Rights – what a talent he is!
Paulo Beto performed at the weekend. Willard Grant are in Spain now. As are Doghouse Roses.
15 October

Sad about the earthquake in Sumatra – it reminds us of our frailty.
Labour seem to be falling apart in UK.
Good for Obama with the proposed nuclear cuts. Just when Iran are behaving like spoilt brats.
Afghanistan is looking like an awful quagmire. There does not seem to be any possible reasonable outcome. If only Bush had focussed on Afghanistan and not invaded Iraq, with the support of Blair.
Mawaca are playing in São Paulo this weekend, as is Benjamim. Good shows!
Willard Grant still touring in Europe.
1 October

Speech Debelle was awarded the Mercury Prize in London – well done Just Isn’t Music and Ninja.
It is great to see people buying the Beatles – at least they are buying music again!!
Merlin have elected some new board members – I am happy to see how well the organization are doing.
Willard Grant Conspiracy and Doghouse Roses on tour in UK.
Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary died. I loved their version of Leaving on a Jet Plane.
Mawaca perform tomorrow in São Paulo.
17 September

Megrahi has been freed from jail in Scotland on compassionate grounds as he is dying from cancer. I am pleased about the compassion. I wish there was more compassion in the world.
However, I understand the rage from some of the victims of that dreadful PanAm disaster at Lockerbie.
It is frustrating that his release for this reason means that his case for appeal will not be heard. There appears to have been a lot of evidence ignored, or even invented.
There was an Iranian passenger flight downed by an American missile cruiser just a few months prior to Lockerbie. There were over 200 civilians killed. This event seems to have almost disappeared from the public view.
There seems to be more reason for an Iranian involvement in retaliation than for a Libyan involvement.
What will the British government and Blair earn from the way this release was handled? What did the American government know?
There must be some very content people knowing that some truths will never emerge now.
22 August

It is interesting to see that iTunes now controls 25% of the music sales market in the USA.
20 August

We watched Usain Bolt win the 100 m in Berlin in a world record time – what a fabulous runner!!
And saw Jessica Ennis overwhelm her rivals in the women’s heptathlon – it was brilliant to see the cameraderie among those women competitors.
It is very depressing seeing what is happening in Afghanistan – laws that completely subjugate women are being passed by Karzai – these laws are not very different to what the Taliban imposed on that desperately poor country.
There are, at the same time, so many soldiers from the UK and other countries that are dying and being maimed in the fight against the Taliban. These soldiers are not being supported by the British government – they do not have sufficient weapons like helicopters or armoured vehicles and are reduced to going on foot patrols.
There are so many of these governments – British, Afghan, and the incredibly corrupt Brazilian government – that need to be tossed out and replaced by honest and intelligent people. There should be more women in power.
16 August

Les Paul died – a sad loss to music. He designed his guitars, invented multi-track recording, had 11 number one US singles, and was still playing brilliantly in his nineties!
13 August

It is going to be great seeing who wins the Mercury Prize in London – we represent so many of the writers!!
12 August

I saw Mawaca at Auditorio Ibirapuera – they just get better and better!
Benjamim Taubkin is back in São Paulo and performing.
Tom Verlaine is back from touring with Patti Smith.
10 August

It is very difficult to understand how the law lords in London arrived at the decision to award Fisher a large piece of the song “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”. The potential ramifications for the recording, production and publishing businesses are horrendous to consider, and with the only real beneficiaries being lawyers and record companies.
Sir Bobby Robson died. He was an ex-manager of England. I always considered him one of the great football managers, and he always appeared to be a real gentleman.
31 July

Benjamim Taubkin played last night at the Vortex in London to a sold out audience.
Amadou and Mariam have been performing many shows in London.
i>29 July

We signed Cadão Volpato for his solo work, as well as his writing with Fellini.
Fellini perform tonight in São Paulo.
A lot of the writers that we work with have been nominated for Mercury Awards in UK.
There are so many kids being murdered here in Brazil, but there is still no gun control. There is almost no notice being taken of these murders in the media.
However, almost every case of swine flu is being documented so far. It is a pity that the same attention is not given to the murder rate among the kids.
Caetano Veloso and his management take almost 2 million reais from the tax payers to do a tour of Brazil. Greed? A failure on the part of the government? What about all the deserving musicians who would be very happy with a tiny part of that amount of money?
22 July

BMG Rights and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts have created a joint venture to develop a global music rights management business. This is potentially very exciting for composers and artists. I am glad that we are a part of this expansion.
A-Ha is selling very well in Europe.
17 July

La Roux album entered UK charts at #2. The Gossip doing well.
Benjamim Taubkin has been performing in Europe.
9 July

Michael Jackson died tonight. He made one stunningly brilliant record Thriller, together with brilliant videos. It was sad that his private life overwhelmed everything else he did over the past 20 years.
There will be an enormous mess to clear up with the tickets sold for the shows in London.
25 June

We have a new agreement with Keep on Kicking Music – thanks Marc.
Lots of Chrysalis artists played at Bonnaroo festival.
Baaba Maal got rave reviews for his London shows.
18 June

Virgin Retail have now closed their megastores in USA. Tower and HMV closed their stores a few years ago. Now there are no more megastore record retailers. It is definitely an end of an era.
16 June

Hugh Hopper died – he was a great innovative bass player and composer. He worked with many of my favourite musicians.
I am listening to Calico Brothers cd – very nice.
There is an important music seminar in Inverness, Scotland at the weekend.
Benjamim Taubkin performs a few shows in São Paulo this week.
8 June

It is June already..
It is quite astonishing watching the government fall apart in UK. I am not surprised after seeing the ineptitudes and poor planning and carelessness of the past few governments. Blair and Brown have a lot to answer for.
Changing ministers so often seems quite odd. If they need to be changed, then maybe they should not have been made a minister in the first place. If they change to another ministry is it because they failed in the first ministry.
Boards of directors who are responsible for running businesses are not changed every year like the British government… Maybe there is a lesson there..
Israel are claiming that Bush made secret deals with Israel allowing them to continue to expand the settlements, etc.
This does not seem to mean that the USA has to continue to support these plans.
I wonder how Blair can continue being the Middle East representative if he so supported US and Israel – he had to know of these secret deals.
If he did not, then he should have.
It is a poor reflection upon him whichever case.
The speech by Obama was wonderful – very reasoned and balanced. I hope that everyone can build upon it and create a lasting and meaningful peace and stability in the middle east.
Awful about the AF plane crashing – I wonder what happened to it.
Depressing seeing how the Brazilian ministers so quickly want to be the first to tell and spread disinformation just so they can be in the news. They need to think before speaking.. like all of us.
David Carradine died the other day. I must say that I enjoyed him when he was in Kung Fu on tv.
5 June

U2 joined Baaba Maal on stage in London last night during the birthday celebrations of Island.
North Korea has been firing more rockets – it is quite frightening as the president of the country is crazy – and nobody knows what he may do. His citizens are kept in ignorance of the world and have no idea what is going on either in or out of their country.
The Brazilian government are upset that China have replaced Brazil as the main supplier of goods to Argentina. This is what happens when you ask a country like China into your own country… it is a bit like asking a cuckoo into your nest. It takes over. Sadly the politicians here (and in most countries) are not very intelligent..
It is quite depressing watching the marketing manipulations of the UK Got Talent tv programme.
I came across another good quote – Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know he is. -Jean Anouilh, dramatist (1910-1987)
I was reading a great book by Harry Thompson – To the edge of the World – and was really looking forward to his follow up. What a shock to discover that he had died of cancer.
29 May/i>

This week ses the 50th birthday celebrations of the start of Island Records. This is the label that Chris Blackwell started back in Jamaica and then opened in London.
I loved the label as soon as I heard the first releases. I think it was the first “brand” of a label that I knew. The early compilations were simply brilliant. Everyone that I knew who loved music had copies.
Well done Chris, and thanks for all the music!
It is fascinating watching the happenings in UK with the members of parliament, and their expense claims. And manipulations of expenses.
The unfortunate thing is that all mps are now tarnished with the theft of money from the tax-payer. Even if they were scrupulously clean..
I hope that they get rid of all the bad offenders and that people can clean up their acts. Of course we know that it is possible that most people have claimed some expenses that are maybe part business and part personal. I am not throwing stones in glass houses as they say.
I am looking at those who have almost made a business of stealing from the tax-payers and then carry on making decisions which affect the same tax-payers.
I hope that this investigation of the members of parliament in the UK and their behaviour can spread to Brazil. The behavious of some of the senators and representatives is quite abhorrent and they are still stealing…
Interesting and true quote from over a hundered years ago – As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields. -Leo Tolstoy, author (1828-1910)
28 May

It was good to hear that President Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor as the next Supreme Court judge . I hope that she succeeds and wish her all the best. It is strange that if she becomes one of the judges, then she will be only the third woman judge in the history of the Supreme Court – there have been way too many old men in positions of power….
I wonder if the number of businesses and banks that have closed because of bad business practices has anything to do with the increase in marketing experts and consultants, as opposed to the use of people with proven success in business.
The Supreme Court in Brazil have ruled that Band have to pay performance royalties to ECAD for the use of music in their programmes.
I wonder if there will be an appeal???
This is another small, but valuable, step in the cause of songwriters and composers being properly recompensed by the big TV and Radio media companies.
These companies want to use music, but do not wish to pay for the use.
i>26 May

We have a new agreement with BMG Rights Management. This is a very exciting new deal with an enormous amount of potential. Thanks to Gaby, and to Bob and Amos for the recommendation.
18 May

There is a lot going on as always.
We had a great visit to Europe including a few days in Barcelona where we met with Clippers.
We have new agreements with:
Jeff Beck
Tony Iommi in Heaven and Hell – who will be touring in Brazil next week.
Thanks to Jeff for both of those agreements.
We now represent Helloween and Krokus – thanks to Rita.
Fairwood Italia and the Basements signed new deals – thanks to Francesca (again) and Rita.
We have an agreement with Indah from USA. Thanks to Stuart, and Jaime for the recommendation.
Mawaca are playing shows around São Paulo.
Benjamim is also performing around the city.
13 May

Another new agreement – this one with Royalty Network from New York – thanks to Frank.
Somali pirates in the news. A bunch of bandits with guns and grenade launchers in small boats causing problems with the fleets of the world. At least the navies of the world seem to be working together to try to countract these pirates.
Those guns and grenade launchers that were (are) dispersed quite freely by the US, European, Russian and Chinese governments are coming back to haunt democracy. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Georgia, etc.
14 April

We have an agreement with Omen and Wintrup Music from Germany. This includes the music on the new Sarah Brightman releases. Thanks to Rita and Walter.
There are lots of shows – Renata, Stephanie, Mallu, Lulina – this weekend.
4 April

We now sub-publish Madeleine Peyroux in Brazil. Thanks to Jeff, and to Annette for the recommendation.
She is one of my favourite singers.
26 March

We have signed Celso Blues Boy and Margi di Garda as writers. Celso is a very popular blues musician.
Renata Rosa is playing concerts.
The Wailers were here in Brazil.
Caito was performing again.
Google and YouTube do not want to pay composers a fair rate for the use of their music videos in the UK.
CD sales continue to fall.
25 March

We renewed our agreement with SEEMSA in Spain for our sub-publishing – it is a pleasure working with Julia.
Lots of our writers are in Austin for the annual SxSW festival – there is always lots of great music!
16 March

We have a new agreement with Cooking Vinyl – I am very happy to be working with Paul again, and with Martin – I have admired Cooking Vinyl Records for a long time.
It is disturbing to see that an Afghan student got 20 years in prison for…………. downloading a file from the internet about women’s rights.. It must make the US and European governments really happy to see that their soldiers are dying and tax-payer money is being spent to protect this form of democracy..
12 March

China continues to repress the Tibetans in Tibet – and try to alter history.. Why does the world continue to buy needless plastic toys and poor quality clothes from China? The world gives China a huge amount of currency to finance their ongoing repression of human rights.
Saudi Arabia is going to flog a 75 year old widow… why? because she accepted bread from her nephew…
Again the world continues to accept this repressive behaviour.
What a pathetic bunch of politicians we continue to elect.. they all seem to have a very poor strength of character..
It appears that the British government was very involved in torture with the Bush government. And still continues to try to cover up their assistance.
It is not surprising that the disenchanted youth are so disenchanted – there are almost no moral leaders. There is Nelson Mandela and there is …..
We have signed Alex Tronic from Scotland – this is an exciting new signing for Basement Music.
10 March

We went to a great show last night in Ibirapuera – Andre Abujamara with special guests. It was good to see him performing at last after many years of being his sub-publisher outside Brazil obo Spin.
9 March

We have a new agreement with Paul Rodriguez Music from London. Thanks to Lucy, and Peter’s recommendation.
5 March

There is a huge promotional push for the new U2 release, including the gig on the rooftop like the Beatles did a few years ago.. I hope the cd does great as Brian Eno co-wrote many of the songs.
The economic news just keeps getting worse. Businesses and factories and stores closing. Banks and insurance companies and car manufacturers wanting money from the tax payers. Governments are giving the money. The tax payers already pay too much tax. They cannot continue to fund the incompetence of poor governments and bad business management.
The USA and UK governments continue to expend trillions on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is still no clear outcome or endgame.
There are sadly many casualties on all sides in these conflicts, including many soldiers who return with horrendous mental problems due to the stresses and what they have seen and endured.
There is the looming problem of Pakistan with rampant Islamic fundamentalism in their ISI, nuclear weapons and another disenchanted and disenfranchised youth.
Many governments have been asked to fund the rebuilding of Gaza. That means more tax payer money from the tax payers.
Will Israel under Netanyahu just bomb it again and create more destruction?
We renewed our agreements with Fairwood in Italy. Thank you again to Francesca for your continued faith in us.
We also renewed the agreement with Domino. Thank you Paul.
4 March

Carnaval time in Brazil – holiday, music, dancing and masks. There are many worse things in life!!
It is funny reading about Beckham and the on/off transfer between Galaxy and Milan. He has so much money that he can pay the transfer and his own salary if he really wants to continue playing for Milan..
23 February

There have been some dreadful fires in southern Australia – and so incredibly hot! Sickening that some of the fires were started deliberately.
Israel are in the midst of their elections, and it is very close.
Their bombardment of the Gaza did not seem to achieve much, except a great deal of destruction and more enmity towards Israel.
Iran responding positively to the USA – I hope that they are not merely posturing as they have been doing.
The bankers say sorry in UK (sorry that the financial crisis was largely their fault together with the governments- or merely sorry that their good days are over for a while?), but they do keep their millions that they paid themselves.
Foxes looking after the chickens…
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won some Grammies – good for them!!
And good for Rounder!
We signed District 6 for sub-publishing in Brazil – thank you to Paul.
Amplitude label closed down. More retailers have closed. Virgin in New York are closing in April.
Holger and Manu Chao are playing in Sao Paulo this week.
i>11 Februay

Let It Bleed, The Stooges, Led Zeppelin I & II, Liege & Lief, The Band, Abbey Road, In A Silent Way, Nashville Skyline, Dusty In Memphis, In the Court of the Crimson King were all released 40 years ago… I have them all..
John Martyn died – brilliant guitarist – he and Davy Graham within a couple of months. Sad.
Patrick McGoohan also died – he was The Prisoner – the only TV series that I ever watched completely. I think that he was the first “rebel” in a TV series.
Lots of concerts coming soon. Renata Rosa, Teco Cardoso, Holger.
6 February

Midem was tremendous as usual. I did a great deal of business, met lot of potential new partners, and enjoyed meeting the many friends of mine who were there.
I watched the inauguration of President Obama. I was in a bunch of people from all over the world.
We all had tears in our eyes.
There is so much hope riding on his shoulders. I am very happy that he has a wife like Michelle who seems like a wonderful partner.
What he has done in the few days since he became President already represents huge steps forward for the US and the world.
23 January

I go to London and Midem today – Midem is always fun as well as busy.
Miguel and Thomas play this week in conjunction with the release of their new cd.
James Blunt comes to Brazil this month for shows.
12 January

Israel are still attacking Hamas in the Gaza strip – those poor people in that sad place.
The Bush administration and Israel blame Hamas – of course they broke the cease-fire and fired rockets. They are militants who forced their way to power, and the few of them are firing the rockets.
Israel are a democracy and should be following and creating a rule of law.
Israel know that force does not succeed – they pushed Britain out of Israel when Britain tried to use overwhelming force against the Israelis.
The sufferers are always civilians, and especially children and women.
No Arab country wants the Palestinians, and Israel does not want them.
There is no easy answer to this.
I hope that there is a cease-fire soon, and that it will be maintained.
Tony Blair is supposed to be helping to create a peace in this area. He has been conspicuously absent – I hope that he has been doing something to earn his way.
However, he has been awarded a medal by George Bush – for helping Bush to invade Iraq. The British tax-payers have been paying for this for quite a long time now. And will continue to do so..
The outlook for retailers is still awful.
Madoff defrauded investors of US$50 Billion. Billion… amazing!!
8 January

The founder, Glenn Goldman, of Book Soup in Los Angeles died. I spent many happy hours in his store when I used to visit LA on a very regular basis.
The store will carry on.
My 2 other favourite book stores closed in the last few years. Compendium in London and Coloseum in New York.
Retailers are really struggling. Too much paper-work, taxes, online options and too much available for too little money. Unfortunately I do not think that it will improve in the upcoming months/years. I hope that I am wrong.
5 January

One of the brave heroes of our times died in South Africa. Helen Suzman fought against apartheid for many, many years, and then continued to fight for human rights and justice against the ineptitudes of Mbezi of the ANC.
The world needs more people like her.
Vincent Ford also died. He wrote “No Woman, No Cry” that his friend Bob Marley sang.
We live in hope that Obama will improve the world. He certainly has a LOT to accomplish!
1 January

My favourite new signings of 2008 include Fleet Foxes, Doghouse Roses, Firefriend, and Barn Burning.

It is depressing that Israel are bombing Palestinians again in a very heavy handed manner. Hamas should never have been firing rockets into Israel, but these air strikes are guaranteed to drive ordinary Palestinians away from peace and into resentment and enmity against Israel.
There must be political reasons – there is a domestic election in Israel soon, and Obama will soon be US President, and he will probably be nowhere near as sympathetic to Israeli reprisals as Bush.
28 December

There was a great show on Saturday that Eduardo, Sergio and Gabriela organized. Sergio, Stephanie Toth, Homepie, Holger and Grenade all played in a beautiful old ballroom.
It was very depressing to read that the Pope has made homophobic comments. What is he afraid of?
Brazil are buying some submarines – just what we need in these times of crisis..
But, of course, Lula and the Brazilian government have said that the world crisis will not affect Brazil… I wonder which supermarket that they shop in??
23 December

Davy Graham just died – he was one of the greatest guitarists ever – thanks for the music.
17 December

Another good day!
We renewed our agreement with Domino – such a good catalogue. Thanks Paul.
Munha from Satanique Samba Trio signed with us – a very good band from Brasilia.
16 December

We signed the wonderful composer and singer Renata Rosa again.
We also had friends visiting from Metisse in Paris – Petra and Russ. It was a very good day!
15 December

We went to a great show by Yamandú Costa last night at Auditorio Ibirapuera – brilliant group and music. Thanks to Pena for the invites.
14 December

There are more good concerts in São Paulo this weekend – FireFriend at Livraria da Esquina and Mawaca tomorrow at Olido.
12 December

Tremendous show yesterday at a festival – Ibrasotope – organised by a couple of students from UNICAMP. LCD played – Miguel Barella, Paulo Beto and Eloi – good to hear them again.
11 December

I was at a great concert by Renata Rosa last night at Teatro Brincante – her voice was fabulous and the music was beautifully arranged basically for voices and percussion.
9 December

Mawaca were brilliant – Magda and the group were in fine form, and looking good in new costumes. The new stage design worked very well.
Both shows are sold out at SESC Vila Mariana.
6 December

There is a busy weekend ahead – Mawaca are playing more shows. Bomb The Bass are coming to Brazil for a festival.
3 December

I went to a great show – Hurtmold at Ibirapuera with guests Thomas Rohrer and Rob Mazurek and Marcelo Camelo – nice to see them all and hear Mauricio playing. Hurtmold are on tour with Marcelo.
Willard Grant doing well in Europe.
Television have a song being used in another film.
Bonnie Prince Billy played a couple of shows including Studio SP.
The SP and Goiania Noise Festivals were successful.
Depressing to see the attacks in Mumbai – I hope these types of dreadful attacks do not become more common – they remind me of the 70s in Europe.
Awful rains and mudslides in 3 states in Brazil. The usual bad-planning and extreme weather conditions cause death and destruction.
1 December

Black Mountain are playing the SP Noise Festival.
21 November

Just heard that Chrysalis have signed that great new band – Fleet Foxes. Well done Alison and team.
14 November
More touring – Willard Grant start another European tour. The Jesus and Mary Chain got wonderful reviews at the Terra Festival.
Beatriz shows were sold out.
FireFriend play on Saturday.
Richard Lloyd starts a Fall Tour soon.
Sad news – Mitch Mitchell – the drummer who was an integral part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience – was found dead. I loved his playing and his ability to stay with Hendrix wherever Hendrix went musically in a song. The 3 members are all dead. They were the best band.
12 November

Great and exciting news!!! Obama will be the next American president. There is some hope at last in the American White House!
It was brilliant how many Americans went out to vote, and the results represented all that is good about America – the speech by McCain was gracious, as was the speech by Obama. I would like to quote part of his speech – “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer,” – and show my appreciation of the freedom earned by those many fighters for civil rights in the past.
Bring on the changes!!! We need some changes for good!!

Lots of shows – Beatriz Azevedo at SESC, and Animal Collective and Jesus and Mary Chain at the Terra festival at the weekend.
5 November

Another month flew by…
I saw Beatriz Azevedo play last night at SESC Paulista in a very nice little theatre. Great show!!
We confirmed the use of See No Evil by Television in a film in the USA.
31 October

The great reggae singer, Alton Ellis, died.
Another sad death was one of my all-time favourite singers – Levi Stubbs – the lead singer of the Four Tops – Reach Out, and Walk Away Renee – what magical singing and songs.
There is a lot going on as usual.
Mawaca performed last Sunday in a special show for children – wonderful.
WGC go to the east coast US for shows and also play with Barn Burning for their cd release party.
Beatriz Azevedo plays São Paulo next week.
FireFriend are in the middle of a tour of SP state.
We welcome Flora to Basement.
17 October

The Nobel Peace prize is very well-deserved for Martti Ahtisaari. He has paid his dues as they say.
I wonder if the Republicans are hoping that Palin can somehow take over the presidency race in the USA, and win with the sympathy vote.
India used to be in the Atlantic Ocean.. just a few million years ago.
I wonder what the Chinese are going to do with their huge population. In the past, a country would go to war to get rid of their young males. I hope that history does not repeat itself in this case.
There are lots of concerts this weekend. Debate finish their tour of SP state. WGC finish their New Zealand tour. Mawaca play on Sunday.
10 October

The world is still having major financial problems. The presidents and senior executives of the banks and insurance companies are still obscenely rich. It was Gandhi’s birthday, and still nobody seems to have learned much.. There are still too many wars and guns.
Did you know that the world is over 6,700 kilometres from the centre to the outside where we are. The deepest mines are only about 3 kilometres deep. That is a Huge amount that has not been explored.
We now represent When The Saints Go Marching In… Imagine that!
8 October

There are many concerts and releases happening.
It is great to have so much wonderful classical music now.
4 October

October already!!!
Lots happening – updates flying in from most of our publishers – great stuff!!
Maíra, with the help of Thereza, prepared a really good Newsletter.
Fascinating – honey-bees flap their wings at up to 240 beats per second!
1 October

What a financial upheaval it was yesterday.
The plan of Bush was rejected by his own party in government. This was not surprising as he has misled and lied so often that nobody believes him anymore. The world needs a leader and he is not. Not that he is the only president or prime minister in this situation. I cannot think of a single politician who is believed.
The people are tired of seeing the obscene profits made by banks and corporations and have no desire to bail the corporations out. Especially as there are no proposals made to penalise those profiteers.
We went to bed on Sunday and woke up on Monday with less money.
It is odd that Obama is not leading the race in the US. It is either to do with him – does he lack that “instinct” to be a leader. Or is it the people who are not sure and do not want to vote for a non-white?
Paul Newman died. A great actor and a great person.
We now represent Barber’s Adagio for Strings – one of my favourite pieces of music ever.
30 September

What a good start to a Friday! We now represent Music Sales and their associated publishers in Brazil.
Thanks to Denise – we are really looking forward to working with you and your team – and a big thanks again to Helene.
There is a lot going on in the business. MySpace is now selling music in the USA. Nokia are offering music. There are new download companies in Brazil.
I hope these companies are all successful and that our songwriters and artists benefit from these new opportunities. However, it is disturbing that MySpace have no deal with the independents – they just have deals with the major labels. This makes a mockery of their claim that indie bands are the heart of MySpace.
More good news! The World Conker Championships have a sponsor.
26 September

We have signed a new agreement with MDRB from Spain. A nice catalogue including Chucho Valdes.
25 September

There has been a dramatic drop in the number of birds that I see around. Frogs also, although that is not noticeable in the city – only when we are in the country.
Pendulum and Justice are playing in São Paulo during the coming weekend.
22 September

What a week that was with the financial markets. I must say that it is always odd to hear of “economic forces” that are blamed for these changes, which make them sound like natural disasters. They are man-made by managerial ineptitude and poor government. Sadly the tax-payers are always the ones to bail out the companies, while the owners and presidents of the companies retain their pensions, bonuses and often positions.
Charles Aznazour is on his farewell tour – what a great singer and composer.
Earl Palmer died – a tremendous drummer.
21 September

Robert Fisher heads to Australia and New Zealand to start a tour. He is one of the hardest – working musicians I know as well as one of the most talented.
20 September

We signed agreements with Music Asset Management and Evolution Music. We are looking forward to working with Mary Jo and her team. Thanks to Helene for the introduction.
Eduardo, Sergio and Gabriela have formed a new company to create tours in São Paulo state. We wish them lots of success!
FireFriend and The Plastiscines are playing tomorrow at different festivals in São Paulo.
5 September

The concerts with Benjamim were brilliant – there were lots of guests, and a new exciting lineup of Orquestra Popular da Camara. Good to hear Caito playing.
1 September

There are some great concerts this coming weekend – Benjamim Taubkin is performing at Auditorio Ibirapuera with many of his groups and special guests.
28 August

I went to see and hear Paulo Beto with one of his groups – ZeroUm. They were playing as part of the short music festival in São Paulo, and performing to various mixed movies. Very good and interesting.
It is disturbing to see the US, UK and various European countries flexing their muscles on behalf of a couple of small states in Georgia who have always wanted to remain part of Russia. Georgia were foolish enough to “invade” the states despite Russia warning them not to. The US and UK, etc all rushed to recognise Kosovo when they wanted to breakaway from Serbia. What is the difference between Kosovo and the 2 states that want to be away from Georgia?
Next? Ukraine, Crimea and Sebastopol?
And what about China that still occupies Tibet?
It is very depressing seeing how the Taleban have gained control again in Afghanistan. Bush and Blair should never have taken their eyes off Afghanistan that really needed their military support in order to satisfy their egos(?) and invade Iraq. Now the US and UK are in 2 countries fighting against people armed just with machine guns, grenades and bombs. And they cannot win. Win what?
27 August

I saw a very nice little group last night – Trio Virgulino.
Today we signed the very good and hard working band Barn Burning from RI, USA and their writer Anthony Loffredio.
Thanks to Robert Fisher for the introduction.
22 August

I went to a very good interview with Kid Vinil at FNAC Paulista. Kid has just released a new book that he has written – Rock Almanac. One of those books that provokes you into thinking – I agree with that assessment – but what about?
He played a few songs with his band afterwards – Very enjoyable.
More changes..
Francesca is leaving Fairwood International to focus on Fairwest in Italy – the company she founded.
Debbie has taken her place in International – I first worked with Debbie many years ago, and it is good to renew our acquaintance.
Paul has left Chrysalis.
I wish them all the very best in their new endeavours.
21 August

The Brazilian government passed a law requiring music to be taught in schools – excellent news. Unfortunately, the politicians as usual left the law very vague and open to abuse.
There are bombs in Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey. Killings everywhere. Fear and reactionaries gaining ground everywhere.
Georgia and Russia fighting; and the USA administration confuses it all again; and NATO threatens Russia – because Russia did what it said that it would…
How is Obama not really leading the presidential polls in USA?

Jerry Wexler died the other day. He was one of the great A&R producers. He produced / signed Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Booker T and the MGs, Ray Charles, B52s and Gang of Four among many others. And of course Dusty in Memphis – one of my all-time favourite records.

The new Eno and Byrne music is brilliant.
Listened to some wonderful Rosa Passos cds last night.
The new Stereolab record is very tasty.
19 August

The Olympics have been really good to watch. Cielo and his reaction in winning the swimming medal for Brazil. The many cyclists and rowers and swimmers for Britain. The Romanian feminine marathon runner who led from the front. How refreshing to see their happiness and delight instead of the posturing and whingeing from footballers.
We went to hear Krishna Das singing at Yoga pela Paz in Ibirapuera – a glorious day, good music and happy people.
18 August

I went to a very good show last night – Josh Rouse at SESC Vila Mariana. Great how well he is doing, and also to see his manager Chris continuing to do a great job.
16 August

We signed an agreement with Fairwood Spain to sub-publish the Bruce Cockburn catalogue. Bruce and his manager, Bernie, are old friends. It is going to be a real pleasure working with them, and Frank and John from Fairwood. Bruce is one of my favourite guitar players as well as a singer and composer.
Renata Rosa just played another show in São Paulo.
11 August

Alexander Solzhenitsyn died – I remember reading One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich and being horrified and awestruck at the same time that someone could go through days like those and still be hopeful. He was a brilliant writer and thinker.
Doghouse Roses are continuing to play around Scotland – nice to be in Scotland at this time of year.
There is a new Brian Eno and David Byrne collaboration coming this month – something to look forward to.
Richard Lloyd is finishing off a short and successful US tour.
3 August

There is another good and interesting collaboration for Tricky – this time with Bernard Butler. The new cd is released by Domino.
The British government is now proposing that the 6 major ISPs work to stop illegal downloading.
Illegal downloading is theft.
However, it seems to me that the UK government is endorsing the use of a mighty hammer to stop some small amount of downloading. Who will benefit?
The major record labels. They shoulder a lot of the blame for creating this cult of illegal downloading. They were short-sighted in the past and are short-sighted now.
There will be a lot of money spent tracing the downloaders and then writing to them and then what?
Where will this money come from?
Someone has to pay for this operation.
Major record labels? ISPs? Government? No.
Innocent internet user and tax payer. Yes.

The Stones have left EMI and gone to Universal.. I LOVE the early Stones. But in my opinion the last memorable song that they recorded was “Start Me Up”. In 1981…
I really like The Accidental new cd.
25 July

I saw some really good rockabilly bands – Crazy Legs and Black Sheeps – at Centro Cultural – there were some very good musicians! Why is the plural of Sheep not Sheeps?
24 July

A film is using See No Evil by Television – I love it when films use great music!!
23 July

It is good that Radovan Karadzic has been captured at last. I hope that he is really not very comfortable in prison…
22 July

We are now sub-publishing Westbury Music in Brazil. I am looking forward to this. Westbury and Basement Music are the main publishers of Dennis Brown. Dennis left Basement for a couple of months many years ago and assigned a few songs to Westbury. It is good to have almost the entire catalogue to work on.
Thanks to Paulette and Jon.
We heard that Connie is leaving Pen and going to work with Stage Three – nice that we will still be working with Connie.
James is leaving Shock.
Pete has left MCS.
Sylvia is going to leave Prodemus in Colombia.
We wish everyone all the best in their futures, and hope to work with all of them soon.
20 July

I went to a show by Stephanie Toth last night at Studio SP. She was opening for Conor Oberst. It was depressing that so many people in the audience were talking during the show. They were obviously not there to listen to music.
São Paulo desperately needs a good booking agency to book concerts in 3 clubs or good-sized bars. There should be a show every night in these clubs and the entrance prices should be reasonable. The clubs would become popular meeting places in the drinking areas. This results in a steady income which encourages the owners to open every night.
18 July

We re-signed Ethos and Magda Pucci and Mawaca – one of my favourite groups from Brazil. We are now their publishers in Brazil as well as the rest of the world. It is always a great pleasure seeing Magda and Miguel.
14 July

Today we signed the writers of the Brazilian group FireFriend, Yury Hermuche, Julia Grassetti and Pablo Orue. Their music and their approach are great. Thanks to Eduardo for the introduction.
8 July

Maíra is taking time off next week to focus on her other creative side – she curates an annual short film festival called MOSCA in Cambuquira, in Minas Gerais. http://www.mostramosca.com.br
5 July

It was such great news about Ingrid Betancourt being rescued by the Colombian army. It is quite fascinating how one person can have their name kept in the public eye for so long. There are hundreds of other people being held captive by this gang of kidnappers and murderers. Why all of the attention on this one woman? Why are the Brazilian politicians falling over themselves to get in the news with her? Are there no problems in Brazil to solve? Or is it because the politicians here are mostly failures and want to be associated with any type of success.
We signed the wonderful singer and writer Beatriz Azevedo today. Her
new cd has just been released by Biscoito Fino here in Brazil. Thank you to Petra for the introduction.
4 July

Today was a good day as we signed Paulo Beto. Paulo is a highly talented and original composer and musician. He often works with Miguel Barella, and is very involved with multi-media work.
3 July

I gave a most enjoyable talk to some students at OMID – this is an excellent venture set up to enable people to learn about studio work and the music business here in São Paulo. As far as I know this is the only one in the city. The students were fun and full of good questions. Thanks to Magda for introducing me to Omid.
Benjamim Taubkin is the curator of some interesting monthly concerts at the Hebraic centre. This last weekend was Claudio Levitan – a poet/singer and his band from Porto Alegre.
There is some brilliant music emanating from Scotland at the moment – Doghouse Roses, Alasdair Roberts, Isobel from Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, the Proclaimers, Malcolm Lindsay to name just a few.
Thereza is our dj this week – it will be DJ Maíra next week.
2 July

Yesterday I went to a great show by Pau Brasil at SESC Paulista in their Instrumental series. The band have been carried forward by the only founder member still with the group, bassist Rodolfo Stroeter. He once borrowed a bass from a close friend of mine John Toney when he was in New York to play a show. It is a small world. One of our composers, Teco Cardoso, is the sax and flute player. His wife Monica Salmaso – she of the gorgeous voice – usually sings with the group. It was nice to see her there – although I would have loved to have heard her singing!
25 June

We have a new agreement with Atal Music from UK. There are some great songs like Rockit by Herbie Hancock in Alexandre’s catalogue. Thanks to Peter for the introduction.
24 June

Beatriz Azevedo played at Studio SP last night. It was not the right place for her to play with her style of music. Her new songs from her new album are really good and came over well. The new Studio SP is an excellent venue for rock music.
21 June

Last week, there were 4 paintings stolen from Pinacoteca, a major museum in São Paulo, in broad daylight by armed men who did not even bother to cover their faces from the security cameras. They just took the paintings from the walls and walked out with them. The 2 Picassos were apparently not on public display. How strange. Why were they not on public display? If there was no empty space on the walls of Pinacoteca, then why not loan them to a museum in one of the other many cities in Brazil that do not have any paintings by Picasso so that his work can be viewed? It seems selfish that museums all around the world keep so many of their treasures hidden away from the public.
18 June

Sometimes we hear of quite horrifying small things (small only to those not directly involved). The army is on the streets of Rio de Janeiro to preserve law and order. The other day 3 young men upset some soldiers by not showing them respect. The soldiers retaliated by giving them to a rival gang who happily accepted them, tortured them and killed them. Those soldiers are murderers. They knew what they were doing. However, the city, state and federal governments are equally to blame. They put the soldiers on the streets. The soldiers are not properly trained to be policemen. They are soldiers. Soldiers are trained to fight and kill. Soldiers should not be on the streets in cities – that is how countries like Afghanistan and Sudan and Somalia exist – like medieval states governed by warlords.
Police should be better trained and better paid and better coordinated. Teachers and health workers should be better paid.
Where do the taxes go? Brazil is one of the highest taxed countries in the world. Of course, a large portion of the taxes go to the politicians so that they can maintain their life-styles. What about the rest of the tax income? How can we achieve a better allotment of the income?
17 June

We have a new agreement with IDM, a publisher based in Croatia. They will represent the Basements in Croatia and many of the surrounding countries. It will be good to work with Miriam and her team. Thanks to Loren for the introduction.
12 June

Tonight I went to a Stephanie Toth concert at SESC Vila Mariana in the small auditorium. What a very nice venue, and a magical concert. She has a major talent – this could well be one of those concerts that are talked about in many years to come and it will appear as though thousands of people were crammed in to the little place – like Springsteen at the Bottom Line in NYC. Eduardo Ramos was her companion on stage adding tasty accents to her guitar and voice.
11 June

It is quite depressing to see how governments of the USA and UK and many other countries are feeding this “Fear” emotion. The Labour government in the UK wish to extend the period that they can hold “terror” suspects. Why? Because the police are not as efficent as they used to be and need longer to investigate? Because their information technology is too slow? How much money is being spent on “security”? Who is actually benefitting? I never liked hoods on jackets but I would probably have been a “hoodie” just to avoid always being recorded by those ubiquitous cameras in the UK.
10 June

Amy Winehouse has a really gorgeous voice but what boring press she receives. Why is the media so fascinated by a person who has a life that is dominated by drugs and their abuse?
It is depressing as a manager to see how little protection she is given by her manager. I hope that the media is not being manipulated by her record label and management publicity teams just to keep her name in the news – that old adage that “all news is good news”… It is not true in this case.
9 June

Most of us have received statements from iTunes or iMusica or uol or EMusic or one of the consolidators or aggregators for digital downloads, ringtones, videotones or one of the other down or up loads.
How many of us have challenged these statements for accuracy and veracity?
We usually just complain because they are invariably much lower than we expect. So who is making the money in these ventures?
It is good to look back at some of the catalogues we represent and have a listen to the older music and not just the new releases. Chrysalis – what a wonderful array of music – from Cy Coleman to Brian Burton. There are so many gems in this catalogue.
6 June

I heard Peter Brotzmann with his trio at SESC Vila Mariana – a real aural assault. I am happy to see Gabriela and Sergio promoting these concerts.
5 June

The Renata Rosa show was great – she was showcasing her new cd.
Doghouse Roses did very well, and Iona and Paul both also played with Willard Grant Conspiracy in the BBC World Service session yesterday.
WGC head off to Norway for two shows and then for the final show in Holland for this leg of their tour.
One excellent aspect of life that is increasing in São Paulo is the number of young people who are working during the day, and then studying hard in the evening in order to improve themselves. This is not an easy thing to do, and in fact is much harder and needs a much greater commitment than being a full-time student.
1 June

As usual there is a lot going on.
We just signed the sub-publishing of Union Square Music.
It is great to be working with Jonathan Kyte again, and also indirectly with Peter Stack, the owner of Union Square – I really admire what he has done with the label.
Jonathan has already got off to a good start with The Vibrators and Robert Forster among others.
Brian Eno is in the studio with U2, and has also been working with David Byrne.
Eduardo Ramos is playing at Milo tonight performing New Order music.
Renata Rosa is at SESC Pompeia celebrating the release of he new cd.
Doghouse Roses played in London tonight.
29 May

Today saw the agreement reached on banning those dreadful weapons against man – cluster bombs – I am very happy to see this. Of course the USA, China and Russia governments do not agree…
The abolishment of the monarchy in Nepal was another occurence. This was no great loss to mankind or Nepal.
It is remarkable how the sales of cds are dropping so quickly in Brazil. It is depressing as the effects are felt by so many people.
Why are there no Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, Paul Kelly, Cinematic Orchestra cds released in Brazil?
28 May

The Doghouse Roses single “Greener the Grass” is brilliant – you remember it immediately. The new Willard Grant Conspiracy cd “Pilgrim Road” is truly majestic. What a record!!
Listening to lots of good old reggae – Culture, Abyssinians, and Dennis Brown.
It is not surprising that there is no drive for change in Brazil. Traditionally in other countries, the students at universities are in the front line.
Here in Brazil there are so many students, especially males, who continue to live at home with their mothers and maids.
It is difficult to imagine these students getting out on the streets and demanding change, when they do not even seek it at home. Maybe they have not thought about change, or they just accept the status quo.
26 May

We have new sub-publishing agreements with Talpa in the Netherlands and LX in Portugal. I am happy about this.
Today was the gay parade in São Paulo. Great to see so many people happy and dancing in the sun.
It is very depressing to see how long it takes for an ambulance to reach the scene of an accident here in Sao Paulo. This is a major city in a major country – there is no excuse for this.
25 May

We signed a new agreement with Mandy Oates and Eaton Music. Eaton is one of those publishers that have always been respected, and I am very happy to be working with them. Thanks to Bob and Amos for the introductions.
24 May

I think that there has been, and still is, a major problem in the Brazilian music business because there are no great independent record company owners. We are lacking those people that can drive and power the Brazilian record business by their sheer desire to succeed with their record labels combined with their creativity in terms of artists signed, and then their resultant international success.
There are some incredibly talented people at some great labels but there are none with both the immense drive and the vision that I think is missing here.
I was very gratified to see that the state of California in the USA, following the example of Massachusetts, has passed a law that allows same-sex marriages. I think that it is great that people can marry those that they love.
Brazil will hopefully grant similar rights in the near future.
I have been listening to some wonderful music by Miguel Barella and Giuseppe Lenti and Josh Abrams.
23 May

Odd – there is an uproar about one American soldier who shot at a copy of the Koran. People have died in protests against this. President Bush even felt compelled to issue a public apology for it. Now this soldier is reportedly a sniper. Snipers are trained to shoot at individuals and kill them. It seems to me that shooting at people is much worse than shooting at a copy of the Koran.
I watched the Champions League Cup Final yesterday between Manchester Utd and Chelsea. It was a cracking game of football with all of the ingredients in large amounts. Ronaldo showed both of his sides – his sublime skill and his ridiculous posturing and whingeing. Drogba showed his unacceptable side with a stupid hand to the face of Vidic. He had to know that he would be sent off. It is disturbing that the two captains who are both in contention for the position of English captain cannot control their teams and sometimes are the first to be shouting and screaming.
There are more pirate copies of dvds and cds sold than legal copies here in Brazil!!
Listening to The Herbaliser’s great new music, and Daedelus who have a really good video for their new song “Make It So”. Thanks to Jon Burr, I discovered the brilliant music of Clarence Bucaro.
22 May

Today the US Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the US Senate that there are about 70 prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay who will not be charged and cannot be sent back to their original countries.
These prisoners have been held in Guantanamo Bay camp for many years.
Now, I have a deep loathing for terrorists who bomb, kidnap and kill innocents, and I am not making any defence for these prisoners.
But, if the US government cannot charge them because of no evidence, then how can it justify not releasing them?
Then this US government can close Guantanamo Bay camp which is a dreadful blight on the US as a whole in the eyes of so many in the world.
The Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Marina Silva, just resigned as she had been marginalized by President Lula and his government. She was a passionate defender of the Amazon and environment, partly because of her upbringing which is very interesting. I hope that the Brazilian government does not give too much away to the businesses of agriculture and biofuels to the detriment of the environment.
Thanks to Bruno for sending me this brilliant quote by Boris Schnaiderman: “Every translation has some share of violence in it”
Today’s favourite cd is Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – a gorgeous combination of voices and music.
21 May

It was very touching to see the images of the Chinese people observing the 3 minute silence on behalf of the suffering.
And now we hear that the ruling generals of Burma are allowing 9 helicopters to take aid to their stricken people. NINE!! These generals are not leaders. They are executioners.
I was listening to Dusty in Memphis by Dusty Springfield – what a voice, and a great band and great songs.
We were checking the music catalogue of Brian Eno – he is certainly one of the most active and prolific composers around.
We have changed our performing rights society affiliation to UBC and I have to say that it has been a very good choice so far. We are getting rapid responses to our queries and receiving lots of information from them. Thank you to Gustavo and Rafael.
20 May

I re-discovered the guitar part on the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers cd – “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. Beautiful.
The Brazilian government are considering a new tax on bank transfers similiar to the CPMF which was rejected at the end of last year. This tax will reduce people saving money as each bank transaction will be taxed, and also encourage a cash business. This ultimately loses tax for the government. This is a senseless tax.
The Willard Grant Conspiracy tour in UK has been great. They head off to Europe today.
19 May

The Chinese government have done a great job to mobilize their army to get relief to the devastated area of the earthquake. Their army and young soldiers seem to be doing a tremendous job. It is a pity, in my opinion, that they do not help the people of Tibet to gain more freedom and become autonomous. It is also a great shame that the Chinese government do not do more to pressure Sudan and Burma to help resolve the monumental problems in each country where the Chinese government holds massive influence.
18 May

It is depressing that in Iraq a woman can only get a new passport if she is accompanied by a male relative.
It is a sad form of democracy that American, British and other soldiers are dying and being maimed for. Who is imposing this form of democracy? Obviously not women…

17 May

Do you realise that only 50% of the radio stations in Brazil pay for playing music. Nothing to the composer or artist!
There was a stunning photo of the desolation caused in China by the earthquake. As Semi said, where do you start with something like this?
16 May

Happy Mothers Day!!
It has been an exceptionally busy few weeks.
Robert Fisher – the leader of Willard Grant Conspiracy – starts his latest tour in Europe as the cd enters the UK chart – well done Robert!! The dates are:
Willard Grant Conspiracy Pilgrim Orchestra
With Special Guest Howe Gelb
14 UK, Manchester, Academy 2
15 UK, Edinburgh, Queens Hall
16 UK, Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
17 UK Bristol, Trinity
18 UK, London, Bloomsbury Theatre
19 FR, Paris, Noveau Casino
20 CH, Basel, Kaserne
21 A, Vienna, Szene
22 DE, Berlin, Babylon Theatre
23 NL, Amsterdam, Paradiso
24 BE, Ghent, Handelsbeurs
25 NL, Ottersum, Roepaen Chapel

The reviews of the new cd have been brilliant.
There has been a lot going with Basement Music and new songwriters. It is always exciting hearing new ideas and plans and hopes.
Magda Pucci of Mawaca has gone to Spain to mix their new cd.
One of our new signings,Doghouse Roses, have just released their new single. Paul and Iona write and play some of the most beautiful songs that for me invoke memories of early Pentangle and Sandy Denny.
There has been a lot of activity with synchs.
Beatriz Azevedo has been doing a lot of interviews here in São Paulo for her new cd which is just being released. There have been some great reviews in the press. She is playing a couple of shows at SESC Santana.
Miguel, Thomas and Mauricio played a really good improvisational show at Galeria Vermelho the other night.
Richard Lloyd is finishing his new album of Jimi Hendrix songs – sadly we do not publish any Hendrix – he is just one of my musical idols.
Bad Brains have just finished their recent Brazilian tour.
The new Gnarls Barkley has just been released. While there is no single song as outrageously brilliant as Crazy I personally think that the whole album is better than the first cd.
Johnta Austin, that brilliant songwriter, has struck again with 4 songs on the new Mariah Carey cd.
I wonder why the governments of the US and UK did not need international permission to invade Iraq, but will not do anything about the catastrophes in Darfur and Burma / Myanmar..
11 May

Rodrigo, Ricardo and I went to a great show last night. Mawaca played in Ibirapuera – that beautiful auditorium. Among all the brilliant Mawaca songs was a wonderful version of Clandestino by Manu Chao. Magda and Mawaca made it sound as though it was written by themselves!
I was listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra songs over the weekend – there are so many songs that were co-written by Jimmy van Heusen. Sinatra really knew how to choose great songwriters to work with.
I had more good news. We have signed the sub-publishing of Brian Eno’s catalogue, Opal Music. I have always been a great fan of Brian Eno. We look forward to working for many years with Jane who runs Opal. A big thank you to Francesca (again) and Jane.
7 April

The first day of April. We just signed the sub-publishing of the wonderful Jimmy van Heusen catalogue. He was the writer or co-writer of so many of the classic songs, especially the songs that Sinatra made famous. My Kind Of Town and Straight Down The Middle just to name two songs. We can sing along to the songs while we register them! Thanks to Kit and Janice.
1 April

It is going to be an interesting April – there are many tours happening. Charles Aznavour, Mawaca, Ozzy Osbourne and Rod Stewart are just some of the artists performing.
We secured a good use of Billy Idol’s song – Dancing With Myself – in a Claro commercial. What a great song it is. I remember seeing Billy on his first US tour after he had left Gen X. It was in a club in Los Angeles. He was brilliant and magnetic on stage. There were queues of people trying to buy bootleg t shirts so I called our merchandiser and told him to contact Billy’s managers about becoming Billy’s merchandiser. He did. And made a LOT of money…
I am listening to a very interesting cd by Benjy Ferree. And also the John Peel compilation – brilliant and very memory provoking.
29 March

Good news today – we have the signed agreements between the Basements and Pozitif Edisyon in Turkey. It feels good to have a publisher like Pozitif looking after us in Turkey, and we are very happy to be the sub-publishers of Pozitif in Brazil. We welcome Ali to our team.
19 March

It is always so depressing hearing how the government leaders of countries like China or the United States justify killing and repression by themselves. It is always the fault of someone else… I often wonder how those leaders manage to sleep at night..
On a very good note – we renewed our agreement with Just Isn’t Music and one of our favourite people – Adrian. This is a great little catalogue – not so little any more!! Thanks Adrian.
18 March

Can you believe that it is nearly 19 years since the Tiananmen Square display of democracy and subsequent brutality took place in Beijing..
I saw the photo of Tank Man again yesterday – whatever happened to that hero?
Now there are similar stories of brutality being used against demonstrators in Tibet. These are youths and monks that are being repressed. These are not killers or kidnappers.
16 March

We received excellent news from the Mediterranean shores today. We have signed agreements with D-Version in Greece for D-Version to sub-publish Basement Brazil and Basement Music in Greece, and for Basement Brazil to sub-publish D-Version in Brazil. I may have to check up on some income and go to visit those beautiful Greek islands that I used to go to on holiday..
It is a pleasure to welcome Denise to our network of like-minded publishers.
12 March

I just finished reading a brilliant new book “Bringing It All Back Home” by Ian Clayton. A memory provoking book that I read in 2 nights. Thanks for the reminders.
Also finished The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini – what a brilliant and moving book.
10 March

March already!!
There is a lot going on.
Thereza started working here with Maíra and I. Maíra has moved to another city but is continuing to work with us.
Robert Fisher is in UK doing promotion for his new cd which will be released soon. There are already rave reviews, and good radio play.
Eduardo and Sergio are touring the USA as Debate. They will be playing SxSW in Austin – this is my favourite music festival.
Steel Pulse are performing in Sao Paulo this weekend. Great band. I used to play football against Handsworth Grammar when I was at school. Handsworth Revolution was the title of their first record, and Handsworth is where the band originate from in the West Midlands of the UK.
Bob Dylan is performing in Brazil. Very expensive tickets. I saw him in London at the RAH – brilliant, IOW – brilliant just after Lay Lady Lay was released – I still remember the sounds of the songs wafting over the recumbent bodies at the festival; Blackbushe – one of those odd monster concerts in the UK; San Francisco – imagine me walking out of a Dylan show..; NYC – MSG with Petty – awful; MSG with Grateful Dead – freewheeling but ok; Beacon – awful; Roseland with Sheryl Crow on her first national tour – great.
I will probably never go to see Dylan play live again. His songs will remain an integral part of my life as they were so important in my formative years. Sadly for me, he has not recorded anything for almost 40 years that has touched me like those earlier wonderful songs (of which there are so many!!).
7 March

Well, today started off very well. We received the signed agreement from Roustabout Media in New York. This is a publishing company representing the Alpha Numeric and Orange Sofa Music catalogues. They are part of System Recordings which is owned by Louis Montorio and Eric Silver, who are good friends from my Palm/Ryko days. I am very glad that they are doing so well with their very tasty label.
28 February

Today was another good day. We re-signed the wonderful composer and pianist Benjamim Taubkin. Benjamim has been very busy recently. He recorded a solo piece as a soundtrack to a DVD about the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, as well as recording a solo cd in New York. He has also been playing with a number of different musicians. Personally I think that Benjamim should be the Minister of Culture of Brazil.
27 February

Well, it has been an incredibly busy few weeks. I was in Cannes for the yearly Midem event. I really enjoy this convention as it is an opportunity to meet a lot of our sub-publishers from around the globe, as well as meeting those publishers that we represent here in Brazil. I am in the very fortunate position of only working with people and music that I like, so Midem becomes a series of meetings with friends. The only drawback is that there is never enough time with each of them.
I met a lot of publishers who are interested in us representing them in Brazil.
I also found some new sub-publishers in countries where we had no sub-publishers.
I have also heard new songs by Renata Rosa – brilliant; Eduardo and Sergio of Debate playing together – love what they are doing; Eduardo in his new format of Chicago Music Settlement – very tasty: this is one of my favourite things of my career – listening to new music.
21 February

Today we signed the Brazilian group Debate which is led by Sergio Ujeda. Sergio is a very talented musician and writer, as well as having a fine understanding of the business. Debate will be touring in the USA during April and May, including SxSW in Austin, TX. I am very happy to be working with Sergio.
4 January

The end of the year is almost here. It has been an exceptionally good year.
I have seen some great concerts by musicians we publish like Benjamim, Caito, Josh, Magda, Mane, Miguel and Teco.
I saw one of the best shows that I have ever seen – Cat Power and Antony and the Johnsons.
We signed some exciting new catalogues like A Train, Big Life, Fairwood, Fellini, Gilbertos, Happy Valley, Jack Russell, Josh Abrams, MCS, Metisse and Reverb.
It has been a great pleasure working with Maíra.
Thank you to everyone for your support, and a BIG thank you to Semi and the boys for making me very happy.
31 December

It has certainly been a very busy and enjoyable couple of weeks.
The show with Miguel Barella and Thomas Rohrer was very good and interesting. It was outdoors at night and unfortunately it was cold. Not at all Brazilian! Various poets got up and recited their poetry during the improvised music presentation.
The next show was Miguel, Thomas, Mauricio Takara and Josh Abrams who was here from Chicago. It was in a very nice venue Livraria da Esquina (Bookshop on the Corner). Lots of moments of brilliance.
We signed an agreement with Reverb Music in London. This is a great catalogue and I am really looking forward to exploring it. The owner was Ian Wright who sadly died in the summer. Ian was an old friend from way back. It is going to be great working with Annette, Maggi and their team.
We went to SESC Pompeia to listen and see Pierre Bastien – totally compelling.
A couple of days later we went to see Jeffrey Parker (of Tortoise, etc), Josh Abrams and Mauricio again. Wonderful melodic show at SESC Pompeia.
We have a new deal in Far East Asia for both Basement Brazil and Basement Music – I am looking forward to working with Tony and Else. Thanks to Brian, Chris and Pete.
Life is VERY good!

7 December

It has been a period of concerts.
There was the Terra festival with CSS and Layo & Bushwacka performing.
It was the first return to São Paulo for CSS after their non-stop touring around the world. Unfortunately they have parted company with their brilliant manager Eduardo Ramos who had guided them to their current success. Eduardo will continue to be highly successful, and I hope that CSS will survive the breakup and carry on their growth.
I saw Orquestra Popular da Camara who are back in action. They played at a very nice venue – Cachoeira. Great to see our composers Benjamim Taubkin, Teco Cardoso, and Caito Marcondes enjoying themselves.
Daevid Allen played at SESI – sold out. It is many years since I saw him with Gong. He has discovered rock music!! He played a selection of Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt songs, as well as his own. A good evening.
This coming Friday is Miguel Barella and Thomas Rohrer – I am looking forward very much to this evening of experimental music.
22 November

Basement Brazil signed the four writers of Fellini – Thomas, Ricardo, Jair and Cadão. Fellini were a well-known group in the eighties.
There is a resurgence of interest in Brazilian music from the eighties here and in Europe. Thanks Miguel and Magda for the introduction.
14 November

We had the pleasure of entertaining Charles Caldas, the head of Merlin which is the body set up by Independent labels to negotiate digital rights on a global basis.
Our business seriously needs this, and Charles is the ideal person to run Merlin.
I also attended some ABMI meetings, and am very happy to see how the ABMI is growing – well done to those who have stayed with it and put a lot of their energies into ABMI becoming the force that it now is.
9 November

We have just signed a new sub-publishing agreement with Jack Russell Music from London. Jack Russell is a new publishing company owned by Clare and Charlie Ram and they are signing some interesting composers, including some reggae writers which fits in very well with our current catalogue. Thank you to Petra for the introduction.
30 October

I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing a truly magical concert last night. Cat Power and then Antony and the Johnsons. I always loved Chan’s songs but now she has become a magnetic stage performer.
Antony was Antony as only he can be. Genius. He included a killer version of I Will Survive in their set.
Thanks to Monique Gardenberg and TIM for bringing them to Brazil.
Why are Antony’s cds not released in Brazil??
26 October

I am really loving the new Manu Chao cd La Radiolina; the new The Cinematic Orchestra release Ma Fleur; Robert Wyatt’s new cd Comicopera; a selection of Davendra Banhart’s songs and some JJ Cale songs on Rewind.
Looking forward to seeing Cat Power and Antony and the Johnsons at the TIM Festival on Thursday.
23 October

The Chrysalis Sweden group Suburban Kids With Biblical Names have been on tour in Brazil as part of the Swedish Festival Tour. Their tour finishes tonight in Sao Paulo.

21 September

Sad news. Hilly Kristal, the founder and owner of the famous/infamous NYC club CBGB’s, died on Tuesday of lung cancer. He was a friend and a good person. He always gave original bands a place to perform, always gave a fair deal, and always paid. Television were the first band to perform there, and Richard Lloyd played on the final night with Patti Smith. Thanks Hilly – you will be missed.
29 August

We just signed a new agreement with Happy Valley Music – the publishing division of the wonderful eclectic record label Rounder. I am looking forward to working with Bill Nowlin, the owner, as well as some people that I worked with in the past while I was at Rykodisc. Thanks Bill. And I see the Red Sox are doing well!!
6 August

We are now the sub-publishers of A Train Entertainment, courtesy of Al Evers and Jim Kennedy. The catalogue includes many songs recorded by artists as diverse as Fatboy Slim, Rod Stewart, Jack Johnson and Phil Collins. There are a couple of wonderful Brazilian composers/artists – Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.
One of the A Train writers, Krishna Das, will be on tour in Brazil in August.
4 Porto Alegre
06 Curitiba
08 Belo Horizonte
10 Rio de Janeiro
15 Brasilia
18 Sao Paulo
21 Recife
24 Fortaleza

The song “Bollywood” written by Shawn Lee and published by A Train is being used in a Brazilian film, Meu Nome Nao e Johnny.
27 July

We have concluded a new deal to represent Music Copyright Solutions in Brazil beginning 1 July.
MCS have a very interesting and varied catalogue. Their songs have been covered by artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Fat Boy Slim, David Bowie, Emma Bunton, Shaggy, Roy Orbison, The Prodigy, The Fugees, The Pet Shop Boys, Metallica, Moby, and Tom Jones. National Geographic and A & E feature their music very heavily.
I am very excited about this deal as it brings us even more into the world of television and film scores. Thanks to Brian, Pete, Guy and Chris.
More good news! Richard Lloyd is out of hospital.
29 June

We signed a new agreement to sub-publish Fairwood Music in Brazil starting 1 July. We already represented Blue Mountain through Fairwood, but now we have the entire catalogue. This includes works by Tina Arena, Toni Braxton and Sandy Denny. Thanks to Francis and Francesca.
21 June

Television played in New York on Saturday 16 June at Summerstage in Central Park. Unfortunately Richard Lloyd is ill with pneumonia so Jimmy Rip played in his stead, and did a wonderful job. It was a capacity crowd which is always good to see. Dragons of Zynth and Apples in Stereo opened the show and were good and interesting. Thanks to Erika Elliott and Drew Glackin and their team for organising such a good show and series.
18 June

Renata Rosa, the wonderful composer, singer and dancer, makes her first appearance as an actress in the tv series “A Pedra do Reino” for TV Globo; the largest tv station in Brazil. The director is the well-known Luiz Fernando Carvalho.
11 June

Last night I went to see Mane Silveira (sax) and Swami Jr (7 string guitar) at Cafe Villagio. Very intimate show with some delightful music. I really enjoyed it.
4 June

It´s June already!! Next week sees the arrival of José González in Brazil in the middle of a tour of South America – June 5 in São Paulo and 6 in Curitiba.
Also King Creosote will be performing on 6 June as part of the TrocaBrahma Festival in São Paulo.
1 June

I saw Mawaca perform last night – great. They played a lot of great new songs which were incredibly well-received by the sold-out audience. Magda had the audience in the palm of her hand.
28 May

More touring news. Mawaca, who we publish outside Brazil, are performing a couple of shows in São Paulo. Magda Pucci, the leader of the group, is a leading musicologist, composer and orchestral conductor. She is married to Miguel Barella, another composer we publish. They are a very dear couple to Semi and I.
Four Tet – Kieran Hebden is also performing next week in São Paulo.
25 May

Renata Rosa is currently on tour in Germany.
22 May

We heard that the film “A Via Láctea” received a standing ovation when it was shown in Cannes.
We have just got some good news from Helene Blue that we now represent the Irving Mills Music catalogue which contains many great jazz compositions by Lester Young, Oscar Peterson, Gene Krupa, Johnny Hodges and lots of other legends. Nice one Helene!
21 May

Today sees the start of the 60th Film Festival de Cannes and the film “A Via Láctea” directed by Lina Chamie (she was also Maíra’s teacher) is in a parallel non-competitive programme. The song “Luna y Sol” by Manu Chao, who we represent here in Brazil on behalf of Fairwood Music and Blue Mountain, is featured in the soundtrack.
16 May

The Wailers bring their fresh versions of Bob Marley and other Wailers music to Brazil. They have a new singer, Yvad, who has brought a new dimension into the group. The dates are:
16/5 – Curitiba Master Hall – Curitiba
18/5 – Citybank Hall – Rio De Janeiro
19/5 – Credicard Hall – Sao Paulo
15 May

I saw a great improvised music show last night at a venue that I had not been to before – Galpão Raso da Catarina – very nice place. The show was with 3 of the musicians we publish – Miguel Barella, Thomas Rohrer and Mauricio Takara – and a visiting American bass player, Josh Abrams. It’s a small world – Josh studied music in New York with Magda Pucci (another of our writers and the leader of Mawaca) who is married to Miguel. Josh releases records on Thrill Jockey in the US who released Tom Verlaine’s last cds.
7 May

My wife, Semi, saw Benjamim Taubkin performing solo on Friday in New York – she said that he made the piano sound like an orchestra – I wish I had heard it.
6 May

Caito Marcondes, Brazilian percussionist and composer extraordinaire, is currently on tour in Belgium.
CSS are touring in UK and also performed at Coachella festival in USA. Great things are happening with them. and all very well deserved!
You know, I have been listening to a lot of Bob Marley recently. It is extraordinary how many truly memorable songs that he wrote and recorded. I was lucky enough to see him perform on a number of occasions.
4 May

There are lots of good things happening with Richard Lloyd, the guitarist with Television.
His cd “Field of Fire” has been re-issued with a bonus disc of remixes and re-recordings. Please buy it.
He starts a US and Canadian tour in May.
The tour dates are:
May 9 – Hamilton, Canada
May 10 – Toronto, Canada
May 11 – Hamilton, Canada
May 12 – London, Canada
May 13 – Oshowa, Canada
May 14 – Detroit
May 15 – Chicago

May 16 – Cleveland
May 17 – Philadelphia
May 18 – Boston/Cambridge
May 19 – NYC
His first column as a writer for Guitar World magazine will be on the streets soon. Guitar World is the biggest selling guitar magazine in the world.
He is producing and playing guitar on the new Rocket From The Tombs cd.
His brand new cd will be released in September.
Go Richard!!
23 April

Raphael went to the concert by Aerosmith and Velvet Revolver last night at Morumbi Stadium and said the show was great. And he bought a ticket!
13 April

We now sub-publish Métisse Music in Brazil. Métisse is owned by Petra who is one of the best publishers that I have ever met, and is certainly at the top end of the list of the best people that I have met. Laurence Revey is one of the writers and she performed some shows in the north east as part of the festival in Salvador.
I had the pleasure of listening to music by Alvos Móveis ( Miguel Barella and Giuseppi Lenti) and deciding which tunes to add to the music on the site.
3 April

Jethro Tull comes to Brazil this month and play the following concerts:
21 Rio, Brazil Citibank Hall
23 Porto Alegre, Brazil Teatro do Sesi
25 Curitiba, Brazil Teatro Guaira
26 Belo Horizonte, Brazil Chevrolet Hall
27 Brasilia, Brazil Ginasio Nilson Nelson
28 Sao Paulo, Brazil Credicard Hall
Feel that “Locomotive Breath” breathing down your neck..
2 April

Fascinating facts! Our website designer Keith lived just 10 doors away from Siouxsie; and the Hong Kong Garden was the name of a Chinese restaurant in Chislehurst, just outside London.
And Billy Idol was a member of Siouxsie and the Banshees before they had decided on the name. He soon left and joined Chelsea.
30 March

The brilliant song by Siouxsie and the Banshees “Hong Kong Garden” is featured in the current movie “Maria Antonieta”, directed by Sofia Coppola.
The Proclaimers, who I used to co-manage, hit the number 1 singles spot in the UK with one of my favourite songs (and I wish we published!!) “I’m gonna be (500 miles)” – great for Craig and Charlie and Kenny MacDonald!!
28 March

Today we acquired the rights to sub-publish Guajira Guantanamera also known as Guantanamera from SEEMSA in Spain thanks to Oscar Dignoes. It’s one of those classic songs we all know so well.
27 March

We have signed agreements with Big World Publishing and Music Like Dirt catalogues courtesy of Patrick Meads. They include some very cool reggae from The Ethiopians and The Pioneers.
22 March

You´re Beautiful was the second most performed song in Brazil in 2006!!
9 March

Aerosmith and Velvet Revolver are performing in Brazil in April as well as Keane.

Our most popular songs in 2006-
1 You’re Beautiful
2 No Woman No Cry
3 Mind Trick
4 Is This Love
5 I Wish
6 Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day
7 Crazy
8 I Shot The Sheriff
9 Could You Be Loved
10 Get Up Stand Up
8 March

Early 2007
January / February
The inauguration of the website..

Midem was very good as usual. I met most of our sub-publishers around the world which is always a pleasure, and also some potential new affiliates.
We obtained a couple of very good synch uses with Nissan and C&A.