Just Isn’t Music

I am very happy that we have renewed our agreement with them. Thanks Martin and Rob.

David Bowie

What sad news to wake up to this morning. David Bowie has died. I listened to his brilliant new album  this weekend, and also watched the videos.

What a superb work of music and art that he has shared with us. There again, he always has.. Thank you for all of the music.

I have many friends who have worked with him and who will be feeling a great sadness at this time.

I will be playing much of his music over the next week to honour his memory, and that of my friends.

Have a good time with Lemmy.

Sachal Vasandani

I am very happy that we have signed Sachal Vasandani, who will be playing at the Porto Alegre Festival on 9 October. Thanks to Jeff.



We have renewed our agreement with Freibank from Germany. Thanks to Fredrik and Mark.

Round Hill Music

We have signed an agreement with Round Hill Music to represent them in Brazil. I am very happy about this. Thanks to Neil.

Reverb Music

I am very happy that Reverb have extended their agreement with Basement. Thanks Annette.

Manners McDade

Today we signed a new agreement with Manners McDade Music Publishing from London. This is a good and growing catalogue. Thanks to Harriet.

Pomus Songs

I am very happy to announce that we now represent the songs of Doc Pomus as published by Pomus Songs. Thanks to Will, and to Philip for the introduction. I worked with Doc many years ago on a film by Robert Frank.


USA Supreme Court

This has nothing to do with the music business, but I am very proud of the Supreme Court of the USA after they legalised Gay Marriage and also a major part of the ‘Obamacare’ health plan. Some days there is … Continued