We have a new agreement with Moorea. Moorea are a well established independent German publishing company. Thanks to Ulrike, and to Petra for the recommendation.


Mawaca perform this evening at SESC Pompeia in Sao Paulo. Great band and great venue!

Fender Strat

The Strat first hit the stage sixty years ago! How extraordinary! It still sounds great!!

Roseland, New York

So Roseland has seen its last concert, and the site is going to become condos. I have seen some great shows there. Patti Smith and Television. Bob Dylan with Sheryl Crow opening.

Frederick Hollander Music

We have renewed our agreement with this famous publisher of works such as “Falling in Love Again”. Thank you Melodie.

Frankie Knuckles

He was a deserved legendary engineer, producer and mixer who sadly died too young. We publish his song “Your Love’ on behalf of Music Sales.

Television 40 years ago

It was 40 years ago when Television played at CBGBs in New York.They are touring again, and performing their first record, Marquee Moon, in its entirety.

Kobrow Musikverlag

We have a new agreement with an independent German company, Kobrow Musikverlag. Thanks to Stephan and Claudia.


We have extended our agreement with Fairwood.They were one of the very first companies to agree to let us represent them in Brazil. Thank you to Francis, Peter and Francesca.

Ten years

Ten years ago, we started Basement Brazil in Sao Paulo. Thank you to Semi for everything, Jovenil for doing his best to explain the intricacies of Brazilian taxes, and the few people who have worked with me including the current wonderful team of Maira, Thais, Helena and Mireille. Thank you to all of the publishers and composers who showed their belief in me and our company.